Hack: How to make square and vertical videos using PowerPoint!

Square and vertical videos are gaining momentum. As more and more social media sites push for a better mobile viewing experience, content creators and digital marketers are also responding to this. 

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The square Vs vertical video

Here are some examples of square and vertical videos. Notice the one in between, the 3:4 vertical as compared to the lengthier 9:16 vertical.

The 3:4 aspect ratio in my opinion looks best for Facebook and LinkedIn Posts! While the 9:16 aspect ratio is ideal for Reels, Stories, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok. 

Square videos (true 1:1 aspect ratio) are also best for Facebook and LinkedIn Posts as shown in the above example – i.e. they go in the feed. So, as people are browsing through videos or their Facebook feed (wall), then square videos create a better viewing experience.

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Why on Earth do I

want to make square videos

…in the first place?

  • Square videos look much better on mobile screen!
  • Compared to a vertical video – they don’t take up the entire screen – which can be a nuisance when users are scrolling through videos on their feed.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn show a Title and Description above and below the video – you can attract a user with this – while showing the Title, Video and Description in the mobile view at once:

This format lets you add more creativity to your video and the post it self.

Notice you have a few ways to engage the audience, grab their attention and combine both text and video itself to provide more information to the user – ideal for ads!

So, now we’ve got the WHY sorted. Let’s see HOW you can do this FOR FREE using trusty PowerPoint hack!

Hack: How to Make a Square Video in PowerPoint

Assuming you have your video (assuming recorded in landscape mode).

Step 1: Open up PowerPoint

Step 2: Create new document (File > New)

make square video in Powerpoint
You can start with blank slide or pick an existing theme

Step 3: Select blank document OR select an existing Theme.

I’m going to pick a theme that will make a nice background for my video!

Note: You may find it easier to start with a Blank then add your own design later.

Step 4: Change the slide size (Design > Slide Size)

make square and vertical video in Powerpoint
Select Design > Slide Size

Select custom slide size.

In the pop up, select custom size drop down and select for example an 4:3 size.

Select resize for video
Custom size should be selected. Ignore the orientation.

Change both the width and height to be the same dimensions. 

For example, I’ve selected 25.4cm for both the width and 25.4cm for the height. 

Note: For a 3:4 vertical just switch the width and height size numbers.

Step 5: If you see a pop up to select a scaling option, select Ensure Fit.

Ensure Fit to Resize video
Select Ensure Fit to squeeze existing images into the slide.

Step 6: Drop your video from you files and folders

You can either got to the Insert tab and select Video. Or just drag and drop the video from your desktop folder.

Step 7: Resize the video to fit into your slide

Scale video size to fit into frame

Step 8: Add text, backgrounds, colors or shapes

While in the Insert tab, select any other elements you would like. In my example I’ve added a big bold heading, some shapes and Word Art. 

Add text and shapes to video

I’ve left space at the bottom of the video so I can add subtitles automatically using Imvidu Studio. 

You can reserve that for a secondary sub heading, or you can enlarge your video to fill the space. 

Step 9: Delete any other slides. 

Remove any other slides in your presentations. Otherwise it may add that to the video as well.

Step 10: Export your slide as a video (File > Export)

Select the ‘create video’ option. You can leave the settings as they are or change them to suit your preference (mainly quality). 

Export resized video

Then click on ‘Create Video’ button.

Now just let PowerPoint do it’s thing. The export process may take a while depending on the length of the video. 

Now: Add subtitles to your video!

Can I Edit My Video in PowerPoint

When you export your slide as a video, PowerPoint is converting your presentation into a video itself. So the only ‘editing’ you can do is adding text, shapes, elements etc to your slide.

You’re not really able to edit the video clip itself, besides the basics like cropping or resizing. 

Learn more about crop and resizing videos in Windows.

You can edit the video clip before you bring it into PowerPoint using the free Windows Video Editor App (Windows 10)

Can I use Apple’s Keynote to make square videos?

Yes you can. It’s similar to making square and vertical videos in PowerPoint.

Learn: How to resize videos on a Mac using iMovie and Keynote.

Can I add subtitles to my videos?

I don’t recommend you add subtitles to the slide yourself. If your video is under 15 minutes, you can try using Imvidu to auto add subtitles to your video. In fact you can even edit your video while you are in Imvidu Studio. 

Other tools that will let you make square and vertical videos:

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