Online Video Cutter

Cut video online in a few clicks, using the unique text based video cutter. Works with MP4, MOV, MPG and popular video file types.

Try the text based video cutter for free. No credit card required. See Plans.

Cut video using text based cutter

Why cut video online with Imvidu?

Text based cutting

Cut videos using text with Imvidu’s unique text based video editor.

Cut a word = cut video!


Start for free. You get a monthly free tier. See pricing and plans here. Unlimited cuts and exports.

No Watermarks

Export videos without any Imvidu watermarks on your videos – even on the free plan.

100% online editing

Crop, edit and store videos online through your browser. No messy installations or downloads.

How the free video cutter works

1. Sign in and upload your video to start

Register and sign in. Then Drag & Drop video into the video crop tool.

Try the Auto Subtitle Generator for free. No Credit Card Required. See Plans and Pricing.

2. Cut Video

Select the Trim option. Simply select your text to delete (cut out video). Select any preset of crop options otherwise you can ‘free transform’ and crop to any custom video size.

3. Make more video

Trim, crop and resize videos for any screen and any platform in a few clicks.

See how easy it is to cut videos online!

Trim text to cut video!

You can do simple cuts, jump cuts. You can also cut start and end of your videos. You can also split your videos in a few clips.

Cutting your video into different sizes is referred to as resizing (not cut). You can resize videos also:

  • 16:9 (landscape)
  • 1:1 (square)
  • 9:16 (story / vertical)
  • 4:3 (standard)

Imvidu is designed for videos that have a lot of talking:

Text is an important part of the editing process. Imvidu is a ‘text based’ video editor. You can edit your video using actual text.

Doing jump cuts, splitting videos, even adding overlays can be done using actual text. More importantly it will also automatically add subtitles to your videos!


You can export unlimited video clips. That means once you’ve cut your video online in Imvidu, you can export the entire video OR if you’ve cut (split) your video into smaller clips, you can export all of them.

There are no limits on exports and you export all cut videos without any Imvidu watermarks.

You can upload and cut any popular file format including MP4, MOV, AVI and many more.

Why cut video online?

Easier on the device

Standard video editors require a a good PC or device to do any simple cuts and transitions

Easily cut for social media

Being online, makes it easier  share videos after you cut them.

No installations

Don’t have to download large software or update them monthly.

One click cut

User online presets to cut videos into different shapes.

Questions About Video Cutter

Is the video cutter free?

You can start and cut your videos for free. Limits apply as per the pricing plans.

Do I download the video cutter tool?

No, Imvidu video cutter is a feature of the video editor. It is 100% online. You do not download any extensions, software or apps to your device. It’s best accessed through a browser on large screen.

How to use the video cutter?

See the detailed tutorial here.

Does the editor only cut videos?

You can do more than cut videos online! Imvidu Online Video Editor is designed to make content creation easy. Add subtitles automatically, resize videos, add text, even convert videos into text, and do more.