How to get started with video editing in Imvidu Studio

  1. Sign in to (from your desktop browser) Note: the studio is not available on the mobile
  2. The first time you log in, the Library will be empty
  3. No fear, simply upload your first video
  4. The free tier allows you to upload 15 min of video per month (video uploads are also capped)
  5. If you need to upload more, you’ll need to upgrade your account, go to for full pricing and tier details
  6. Drag & Drop your video to upload or click the upload button to find on your desktop
  7. Once your video is uploaded, click on the ‘edit’ icon to start working with it
  8. The first thing you need to do is generate the transcript
  9. You can fix any typos in the transcript by clicking on the text (double click to edit). This will also update the subtitles to match.
  10. You can do any other edits as needed

Exporting your video

  1. To export your video, click on the ‘Preview and Export’ button
  2. You can render your videos if you are happy with the video
  3. You can also export either the audio files and text (transcript and/or subtitles)
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