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Imvidu vlog editor (talking head video editing software) lets you edit your videos using transcribed text.

Editing videos that have a lot of talking can be tedious, especially when using typical video editing tools.

Cut a word? Cut the video!

YouTube has made video blogging aka vlogging a popular way to get your self popular (and make a bit of extra cash).

It’s a great way to showcase your personality, life or business as it gives the raw, real you. Usually vlogs aren’t really scripted, it’s all off the cuff stuff. THat means your audience can really engage with the authentic you and build a powerful connection.

Not convinced? Here is the upward trend for ad spend by businesses on video. People are spending money because there are eyes on the content and they want a piece of that.

Still not convinced? YouTube has created millionaires, most of whom rely on vlogging as their main content, raw, real and unscripted.

Anyway, maybe I’m preaching to the crowd. If you’re here, you’ve probably made up your mind on vlogging… or are probably doing it already. For those that are starting out, let’s cover of some basics. For those that aren’t new to vlogging, then skip to understand how you can edit vlogs for YouTube or other mediums.

What is a talking head video?

A talking head video has the main subject (presenter) talking into the camera. Think of your typical news reporter on camera. Video podcasts, presentations, live streams are usually talking head videos. They comprise primarily of the person talking into the camera, so relies on dialogue to communicate the message.

Example of Talking Head Video
Example of a talking head video: Wes McDowell

Although vlogs are commonly talking head videos, vlogs can actually really be any style. Selfie videos, behind the camera, even screen sharing or live action can be regarded as vlogs.

How to edit a vlog or talking head video in Imvidu

Editing videos in the online Imvidu video editor is slightly different to how you might be used to as there is a transcribing process that also needs to happen.

How to edit a vlog using Imvidu vlog editor Software:

  1. Upload your raw vlog by dragging and dropping (or click on Upload to find on your desktop) to start the edit process
  2. Once your video is uploaded, you’ll be taken to the vlog editor
  3. Click on ‘Generate Transcript’ first (this is necessary)
  4. You can now rough cut and edit the vlog using the transcribed text.
    • Edit: editing the text will let you edit just the transcript text and the subtitles
    • Delete: will cut the video at the time the words are spoken
    • Split: will let you slice your video into multiple clips
  5. You can enhance your vlog by adding subtitles, text and other elements to it. For example, to edit and style subtitles for impact:
    • Click on subtitles
    • Refresh the subtitles in case you’ve made any changes to the actual text
    • Style or select from a template of subtitles that are pre-styled
  6. When you’re ready, you can export the video.

Edit vlogs and talking head videos. Fast.

Use actual text to edit your videos.
Cut a word? Cut the video!

* Like it or hate it, this call-to-action is a shameless plug of our own tool. Seriously though, you should try it out at least.

Why transcribe the vlog when editing?

There are a few reasons to automatically transcribe your vlog.

…Because your vlog is primarily you talking

When you have a lot of talking in your video, it can be extremely tedious to edit it. If you’re using typical video editing software you have to listen to your video and try to edit simultaneously. Finding the right places to cut and edit is difficult as you could end up listening through your dialogues again and again (and again!).

But by having the text right there lets you visually edit your video using the text as a guide. So cutting your video and placing elements where the words are spoken becomes a breeze.

To add subtitles to your video

Subtitles are needed for two reasons – one is accessibility for the hearing impaired and secondly, for impact. Using subtitles can sometimes be enough to give your videos some impact. You don’t even need to do any further editing when done right.

Add subtitles in the vlog editor

The transcription in Imvidu is auto generated in the talking head and vlog editor so that subtitles also get added automatically to your video.

Embed transcript next to your vlog

Where possible (such as your website or blog) you can embed the transcript next to your video. This lets your audience quickly find relevant spots in your vlog to navigate to.

Create more blog content

The vlog can be repurposed into text based content as part of your content marketing. Once you export the transcript, you can let you embed it in your blog. You can either format it further to convert to show notes complete articles. This can help drive SEO traffic when done right, but also drive your existing audience or email audience if you have one.

Building authority

Just like these guys, you can use vlogging to become an influencer in your industry or niche. Quotes when used on social media are a great (and easy) way to engage with your audience and even build some authority in your industry.

Edit your vlogs like pros
Some up and coming YouTube Vlog Influencers

The vlog editor puts your text in front of you, so you can easily grab some nice quotes from that text – whether they are inspirational, powerful or just attention grabbing ones!

Simply copy the quote, edit the wording so it’s short and succinct, and style it using your favorite image editing tool. These are perfect for your social media channels!

What camera to use for vloging?

There are a couple of things to consider before buying a camera.

Life Pro Tip though… not having a professional video camera should not stop you from starting. Start with your phone! Most phones have amazing cameras, are versatile, easy to carry and come with plenty of (cheaper) accessories that make it easier to carry your phone and record.


Most smart phones have good enough quality. Heck, some of the come close to some older generation DSLR and video cameras. When watched on smaller screens, most viewers couldn’t care less…. To top that off sometimes you just want to take out your camera and start recording instantly – the next time you’re inspired to make a quick vlog…. will you have your professional camera on you?

Camera versus phone vlogging and vlog editor

But if you’re adamant on starting with a professional camera…

Some things to consider when doing your vlogs

  • Will you be recording on the go? or be moving a lot (sports and activities)?
  • Will you be recording indoors? Outdoors? Maybe even underwater?
  • Will you be recording at night or in poor light conditions?
  • How heavy can you manage? You want your camera to be your companion, not something you fret having to carry around.
  • Will you do longer videos or short ones? More quantity through out the day? This will determine what sort of battery or power banks you’ll need.
  • Budget range? It’s great to have a feature packed high quality camera, but if your pocket isn’t deep enough, you might have to settle for now.
  • Will you be doing live streams? Having a camera with in-built live streaming functionality can save you a lot of time and headache- especially when you want to do video podcasts or interviews.

Here is a curated list of cameras that you should consider for vlog video content:

  1. Fujifilm X-S10
  2. Panasonic Lumix G100
  3. Sony A6400
  4. Sony A7C
  5. Panasonic GH5 Mark II
  6. DJI Pocket 2
  7. Canon EOS M50 Mark II
  8. GoPro Hero 9 Black
  9. Insta360 Go 2
  10. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Don’t Forget the Sound Quality

Sound quality vs Video quality? If you were to pick one which one would you?

Interestingly most videos on social media are watched on mute. So having subtitles on your videos becomes almost mandatory now-a-days. But what happens when your audience is trying to hear what you say but the noise quality is poor? A lot of the video issues can be sorted when editing in post production. But issues with audio? It’s a complete turn-off.

Audio quality is by for more important than video.

In reality, even if the video component has some flaws and turns out pixelated, grainy, out of focus or under-exposed but the audio is clear, at the right volume and free of distractions then the project can still be an overall success and can get positive results.


Become a Vlog Hero

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