Transcribe video to text

Automatically transcribe video to text online, in minutes.

Automatically Transcribe Video to Text Online

Transcribe your video for free. 100% online. No Credit Card Required.

How to transcribe video to text

1. Sign in and upload your video to start

Sign in and simply upload or Drag & Drop your video from your PC into the video to text converter.

2. Automatically Transcribe Video To Text

Imvidu works best for videos that have a lot of talking. Good examples include vlogs, video podcasts and interviews.

Once your video is uploaded, click on ‘Generate Transcript’ in the converter. Your video will automatically be converted into text.


3. Edit or export your text

The quality of your video (and audio) will determine the accuracy of the transcription.

If there are any errors, you can fix them in the editor. Or you can export your transcript and use your favorite text editor.


It’s free to get started with the converter. You get a monthly free tier every month. Simply upgrade your plan if you need to upload and edit more videos every month.

100% online

No messy software installations or downloads. Always get the latest version, and access from anywhere.

No Watermarks

If you export videos, there are no Imvidu watermarks on your videos – even on the free plan.

Transcribe videos & do more

Imvidu is a content production tool rather than just a video editor. It’s unique because you can actually edit video using text!

See it in action

Imvidu lets you transcribe video in to text automatically.

The old way of transcribing is manually listening while typing.

Imvidu uses speech-to-text technology to auto transcribe videos.

There are multiple use cases for converting your dialogue based videos into text.

  1. Embed the transcription alongside your video
  2. Convert the text into a blog article to simplify content creation
  3. Supplement your video courses with text
  4. For accessibility where your customers have difficulty hearing audio

The transcription quality varies based on your video (audio) quality.

We usually see accuracy rates of between 80-90%.

You can make edits to your text easily inside the Imvidu editor.

Roughly 30% of the length of your video. If your video is 5 minutes long, it will generally take 1.5 – 2.5 minutes.

Why Transcribe Videos to Text

#1 Turn your videos into articles and blogs

A ten minute video can be approximately1000 to 2000 words depending on the video. This makes for great written content that will help you with SEO.

#2 Make learning easier

Provide text content alongside your video courses. Text makes it easier for your students to find or browse your courses. So if you’re already doing videos, then supplement them with text.

#3 Assistance With Accessibility

Imvidu has a built in automatic subtitle generator. When your video is transcribed to text, it also stores the time-stamps for subtitles. You can add these to your actual video. Either overlay them in the Imvidu Editor or export them for use else where.

You can also embed the transcript alongside your video if you need.

#5 Repurpose your video and text content

Turn your video into text so you can do more with it on social media.

  • Turn them into quotes.
  • Use as stories.
  • Share tweets from the text.

Transcribe your video for free. 100% online. No Credit Card Required.

Transcribe video to text questions

Can you transcribe mp4 to text in Imvidu?

Mp4 files are common video file types. But depending on how you’ve recorded or previously edited your video, it maybe in other formats.

You can transcribe mp4, avi, webm, mov files easily in Imvidu.

Do you download any software?

No, you can convert and transcribe videos into text online. Imvidu requires no installations or downloads of any app or software. You need to be using the latest browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge).

Can you transcribe YouTube video?

You will need to download your YouTube video and then upload it into Imvidu.

Currently you are not able to upload videos into Imvidu using a URL.