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How To Add Subtitles To Video

1. Upload your video

Add Subtitles to Videos such as Mp4, .Mkv, MOV or AVI by uploading or Dragging & Dropping your video file from your PC into the online studio.

2. Add subtitles

Imvidu will generate transcript which then lets you do multiple things:

  1. Automatically add subtitles to your video
  2. Export transcriptions or subtitles as text files
  3. Even edit your actual video using the words

3. Tweak or Edit Subtitle Text and Timing

This is an optional step. Because subtitles are automatically generated and added to your video, you only need to do this if you see any errors.

You can simply tweak the subtitle text, timing or fix any errors the auto-transcription generates, like editing a word document. The changes will come through to your video automatically!

4. Export Video or SRT File


Once you’re happy, simply export your video, the transcription file (in Word format), or the subtitles as an SRT file.

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Why add subtitles to videos?

#1 More engagement and views

Did you know that nearly 85% of videos on social media are watched on mute?!

With Imvidu Studio you can auto generate subtitles in a few clicks, then either overlay them on your video (hard code on your video) or you can export as a separate text (.srt) file.

Hard coding your subtitles on the video is best when you want to upload videos to social media. Having a separate file is useful if you’re planning on uploading your video into a video streaming service (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia etc). This gives your viewers the option to watch the video with or without subtitles.

#2 Better Accessibility

Remember not all users are able to listen to dialogue. If you want to engage a wider audience then make sure your content can be consumed by users with disability or accessibility issues.

#3 Better viewing experience

Sometimes your audience isn’t in the mood to listen to you talk or needs to turn the volume down! When doing talking head or vlog editing it’s important to add subtitles so that you audience doesn’t miss out on a word you say.

The same applies to a video podcast or a video interview. It can be easy to miss out on what someone says in a video easily. You’ll save your viewers time and provide a better experience if the user doesn’t have to continuously scroll back to listen again.

How does the Auto Subtitle Generator Work?

The Imvidu Auto Subtitle Generator lets you quickly drop your videos and add subtitles to them in a few clicks.

When your video is uploaded into the system, it will generate a transcript based on the dialogue in your video. The transcript can be used to complete multiple tasks, even editing your video.

Your subtitles are added based on the transcript (dialogue in your video). So it will not only pick up any dialogue as text, but it will automatically sync to the timing as well.

Yes, you no longer need to sit there manually typing out your subtitles.

auto-add-subtitles to videos and edit with imvidu

Can the Auto Subtitle Generator Do Anything Else?

Edit Videos

Transcribe videos to text

Pricing for Adding Subtitles to Video


12 $ 9 / month
  • 2 hours of video uploads You can upload 2 hours worth of video per month. If you need additional hours you can upgrade your plan or purchase additional minutes.
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Video Transcription
  • Add Subtitles to Videos
  • Edit Video


24 $ 19 / month
  • 5 hours of video uploads
  • 20 GB Storage
  • Video Transcription
  • Add Subtitles to Videos
  • Edit Videos


49 $ 39 / month
  • 10 hours of video uploads You can upload 2 hours worth of video per month. If you need additional hours you can upgrade your plan or purchase additional minutes.
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Video Transcription
  • Add Subtitles to Videos
  • Edit Video

Need more videos done? Additional upload limits can be purchased from $0.15 per minute.

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Questions on adding subtitles to video

Pricing for adding subtitles depends on what plan you are on.

Imvidu starts with a Free plan and has multiple paid options to choose from.

You can add subtitles to your videos from as little as $12 per month which gives you ample upload limits. If you want to do more videos, you can simply purchase more credits (by the minute) or you can upgrade to a higher tier.

There is a slight difference between closed captions and subtitles.

Subtitles primarily are the text version of any dialogue in your video.

Whereas, captions (closed captions) include more information in the text. For example closed captions might also say the name of the person talking, type of music or name of the song playing in the back ground, any other usefull information the viewer may benefit from, especially if they have a hearing disability.

The subtitles are auto-generated. This is different to traditional video editing software where you have to manually type out the subtitles.

The automatic transcription used in the platform is about 85% accurate. That means, you may have to fix any typos or errors generated in the automatic video to text.


You can edit your subtitles manually and include more information in there so they are closed captions.

We also offer a professional hand typed transcription service.

Because we carefully and manually type these out, and go through a secondary quality assurance process, we achieve an industry leading 99% accuracy rate on these transcriptions.

You can also opt to have the transcription as a Word file (.doc) and as a Subtitle file (.srt).

The transcript process depends on how long your video is. So, the time taken to generate the transcript is generally proportional (but typically less than) to the length of your video.

Once the transcript is generated, subtitles are added automatically.

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