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Resize video for Instagram, YouTube and social media in a few clicks. Imvidu video resizer works with any video file and is fully online.

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Crop video online using Imvidus Video Cropper

Why Resize Videos with Imvidu?

Do More

Do more with your videos. If you’re creating videos for social media, then you need to add text and add subtitles to make them stand out!


It’s free to start using the video crop and editor.

You get a monthly free tier. See pricing and plans here.

No Watermarks

Export videos without any Imvidu watermarks on your videos – even on the free plan.

100% online editing

Crop, edit and store videos online through your browser. No messy installations or downloads.

How the online video resizer works

1. Sign in and upload your video to start

Register and sign in. Then Drag & Drop video into the video crop tool.

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2. Resize and Crop Video

Select the resize and crop tool. Select any preset of resize options by selecting options for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook or other platforms!


3. Make videos social friendly

Do more than resize. Add backgrounds, Add subtitles, or text and images. Make your videos perfect for any screen and any platform in a few clicks.

Resize video online without watermarks!

You may resize your video to any standard size that’s typically found online:

  • 16:9 (landscape and widescreen)
  • 1:1 (square)
  • 9:16 (story or vertical mode – also known as portrait mode)
  • 4:3 (landscape – standard size for older generation monitors)
  • 3:4 (vertical – slightly longer than square videos and video ads)

You can do a free transform to any size if you like.

You can export unlimited videos. So once your original video is in there you can crop the same video multiple times in multiple sizes.

For example you could crop or resize a video for a standard square layout. You can then crop or resize for Facebook’s story mode. And finally you may crop or resize as a TikTok video!

Exports don’t count towards your monthly quotas.


You can upload and resize MP4, MOV, AVI and any of the standard video file types.

Coming soon: Upload by Youtube URL

There are two variables you can control – the dimension (aspect ratio).

Alternatively you can also resize the video quality (or the resolution).

For example, you can create a square video that is either 720p or you can create a square video that is 1080p.

Why Resize Video Online?

Manual resizing is hard

Standard video editors require a lot of tedious customization.

Easily resize for social media

Resize videos for Instagram stories and Reels, the Facebook feed, TikToks, YouTube shorts and any major social media platform

Make viewing easier

Make the right size video for better viewing! Square and full screen videos regardless of screen size look amazing!

One click resize

Use Imvidus presets and templates to resize and videos in a few clicks!

Offline tools aren't designed for modern social videos

Typical video editor tools can be overkill for most common use cases these days. They have enormous learning curves and take ages to create videos for social media.

Different social media feeds

Different social media feeds are best suited for different sized content.

Repurpose content faster

Using an online video resizer makes it easier to repurpose your existing video content. That means more content, faster.

Create content anywhere

Being online, means you can create, edit and share your videos from anywhere. You don’t need to download extensions or apps.

Video Resizer Pricing

Try the Video Cropper for Free. No Credit Card Required. See Full Pricing and Plans.

Questions About the Video Resizer

Can I resize videos for Instagram?

You can resize videos for Instagram, for Facebook, Tiktok and any other social media platform.

Check out this guide to see what the common sizes for Instagram videos are.

Instagram square video size is best suited to posts (1:1), however a vertical layout of 4×3 ratio also works!

  • Vertical mode
  • 9×16 ratio

You can post Reels in your feed as well. Even though only a vertical 4×3 limit is visible in the Instagram feed.

Viewers will still see the vertical layout once the user clicks to view the actual Reel (or scroll through all Reels)

  • Vertical mode
  • 9×16 ratio

You can share an Instagram Story in your feed as well. You can create vertical feeds in Instagram it self at the time of creation.

Is the video resizer free and can I resize MP4s?

You can resize Mp4 video files as well as all other common video formats like MOV, AVI, MPEG.

You can start and resize these videos for free. Limits apply as per the pricing plans.

Do I download Imvidu video resizer tool?

No, video resizing is a feature of the video editor (Imvidu Studio). It is 100% online. You do not download any extensions, software or apps to your device. It’s best accessed through a browser on large screen.

Is it just a resizer?

You can do more than resize videos online! Imvidu Online Video Editor is designed to make content creation easy. Add subtitles automatically, resize videos, add text, even convert videos into text, and do more.

Why do I need to resize video?

Most social media platforms take on various image and video sizes (dimensions, as well as resolution). Depending on the content and where you share it, can either make your video look good or bad!

Content creators generally resize videos for placing onto various social media channels. There are a few standard sizes that are common these days.

This is most common for larger screens.
Typically, a 4:3 or a 16:9 ratio which create good viewing experience for TVs and monitors. Almost all platforms take these video sizes.
However, for videos that are viewed primarily on mobile apps, they offer a poor experience for the user.

This is now a common style for videos. Some apps require that your video content be vertical:

4:5 or 9:16 is a common ratio for story videos. Examples where it’s commonly used:

  • YouTube shorts
  • Instagram stories and Reels
  • TikTok
  • Facebook Stories

Square works really well for mobile viewing as well.

  • YouTube shorts
  • Instagram stories and Reels
  • TikTok
  • Facebook Stories
  • Most common aspect ratio is 16:9 or 4:3.
  • 4:3 is better for mobile due to less-wider screens. Unless you expect users to turn their mobile phones around!
  • YouTube shorts (like TikTok or reels) is best with vertical aspect ratio of 9:16

You can use Imvidu online video resizer to change the video size for YouTube videos from one aspect ratio to another.