YouTube Beauty Video Ideas

Whether you are someone who has managed to establish a YouTube beauty video channel with good viewership or you are someone who is just at the start of creating a beauty YouTube channel, this article here can provide you with information that can help you in becoming a successful beauty You-tuber.

Read on to find some extremely useful and quick ideas for creating beauty YouTube videos and become an online BEAUTY GURU!


Creating beauty YouTube videos can seem to be easier than it actually is. You would have heard that for any new YouTube channel to build a good and consistent viewership, it takes 2 things:

  • Time
  • Consistency

The following are some of the robust tips that can help you to post consistently on your YouTube beauty video channel:

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  1. Plan Content for Your Channel:  Collect ideas and build content on those ideas.
  2. Do Market Research: Look at what kind of topics or trends are becoming viral in beauty niche.
  3. Make Schedule to Post on Your Channel: Fixing 2 or 3 days in a week, like Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays; can help you with working consistently and meeting your deadlines.
  4. Engage with Your Audience: Your comment section can be a great place for you to listen to your viewers and take their honest feedback and suggestions.
  5. Upload stories: Instagram and Facebook stories are a great way for you to share your day-to-day updates and pictures. Stories help your audience to connect with you human-to-human. It can be said that your personalized stories make your channel unique to your audience. 

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  1. Learn from Your Channel’s Insights: Observe which kind of videos are getting more views and comments on your channel. Keeping a close track of how your content is performing can take you miles ahead than just churning out videos with no clear goal. Based on your analytics, you can repeat making videos on similar topics.

Video ideas for a beauty YouTube channel

Skin-Care Routine and Night Skin-Care Beauty Ideas

If you have a YouTube channel or you are planning to start one, sharing your morning skin care routine with your viewers can help them to know you and to connect with you at a personal level. Most people struggle with following a consistent skin care routine. You can target this pain point and help your viewers by sharing with them your experience with skincare routines.

You can share what kind of routine you follow, the benefits of having a skin care routine, how you built a skin care habit and what motivates you to follow it religiously.

Such topics are an easy connection builder. If you are able to deliver such a topic with ease and confidence, you can attract a lot of viewers who would like to subscribe to your channel and come back for more informative videos.

Routine beauty video ideas

What You Eat in A Day

As the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’. People that wish to have a healthy and glowy skin tend to be careful about their eating habits. Some fruits and veggies act as the natural products for building and maintaining skin health. You can make a video about the food that can naturally make your skin glow. Sharing a list of beneficial food items that can keep one healthy and beautiful can get your channel a lot of traction on YouTube.

Skin Beauty YouTube video ideas

Seasonal Make-Up Looks

Looking beautiful in all seasons is something that viewers are always on the look for. Changing seasons can affect one’s skin as well as the type of makeup one would want to wear.

Some seasons call for light makeup, some call for darker looks, and some days are best for natural makeup look. If you can teach some of these skills through your YouTube video tutorials, people would definitely want to subscribe to your channel. 

Youtube beauty video ideas

Turn your Beauty Videos into Clips for Social Media!

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Beauty Product Reviews

Shopping online and looking for product reviews before making any purchase has become a common practice.

As a beauty video blogger, you can make videos sharing your views about the products that you have tried and tested. This attracts lots of beauty product shoppers. Also, with more brands launching exciting products every day, you can actually become an expert on beauty products and brands. This in itself can become your USP (unique selling point).

beauty video ideas Youtube

Seasonal skin care practices

Your skin requires different care in different seasons. Even though this depends upon a lot of factors, including one’s skin type, many people can still learn from your experiences. Some of such basic knowledge is unknown to many, or even if known, people benefit from videos that can remind them what they need to do in order to gain and maintain a healthy skin. 

Youtube beauty video ideas

Summer and Winter skin care videos are some of the basic examples related to seasonal skin care practices.

Beauty Video Idea: Make-up challenges

Make-up challenges have been quite famous on YouTube and can easily make your video show up on the trending list. They are also fun to watch.

Make-up challenges like ‘5-minute makeup challenge’, ‘only 3 products makeup challenge’, ‘No mirror make-up challenge’, ‘$20 make-up challenge’ are some challenges that can give your beauty YouTube challenge some flow as well as get you in the game.

Current Make-up trends

Fashion and beauty are all about trends. People love to try new make-up trends. You can make videos on what’s trending in the make-up world, which looks are in and which looks are outdated etc. 

Everyday makeup tutorial: no make-up make-up look

There is one look that everyone wishes to get once in a while. It’s no make-up make-up look. You can make some videos on what tips and tricks to follow in order to look natural in make-up.

Your natural make-up look doesn’t have to be same as another. You can personalize your natural make-up look. People like to watch those beauty YouTube videos that have personal information and experiences shared in them with a hint of your original touch to them. 

Easy eye makeup tutorials

Eye makeup tutorials are one of the most watched videos amongst YouTube beauty and make-up videos. Teaching people how to do eye make-up or sharing beauty tips and make-up hacks can get you many views.


Youtube beauty video ideas

Eye makeup beauty video ideas:

  • Makeup tutorial for work
  • Eyes for a night out
  • Eye makeup tutorial for a wedding
  • Eye makeup for a date

DIY facial tips:

The services that beauty parlors offer can be done at home, on your own, as well. Beauty DIYs are very famous on YouTube. Below is an some examples of beauty videos that show at home facials and face masks. Sharing about your favorite at-home facial and face masks can help your viewers to know about the best options available to them.

face glow beauty youtube video ideas

Personal Hygiene Tips

For beauty in your life, hygiene is most vital. You can make some videos about your personal hygiene practices that help you stay beautiful. Seeing someone follow and recommend some useful habits often encourages more people to practice them. It’s a great way for sharing something beneficial.

Natural Ingredients for Your Skin

Natural ingredients are mostly preferred for their natural beneficial properties. Aloe Vera, curd, almond oil etc. have different benefits for skin. Making a list of such beneficial ingredients and sharing their benefit with your viewers can get you many followers that can make you an influencer.

youtube video ideas

To sum up, a beauty video channel is kind of an evergreen YouTube content channel. Starting with topics like that of the examples shown above can give you a substantial head start for your channel, as well as ensure your growth.

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