Vlog Ideas To Help You Get Started

Vlogs get a lot of views on YouTube and are all the rage these days. But coming up with vlog ideas can be a little tough. Let’s go through some of the best vlog ideas you can start working on right now. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro!

What are Vlogs?

Unlike professional videos, vlogs are shot by the same person that appears on camera. These aren’t professional shot videos with a rigid setup. Vlogs have no fixed duration or location or fixed content or topic. Vlogs can be as diverse as everything under the sun!

Who is a Vlogger?

Any person who shares his/her vlog videos with the people online, is known as a vlogger.

This is done by creating a social media profile or YouTube channel for uploading vlogs.

Who can make Vlogs?

No degree or certificate is required to make Vlogs. Anybody with a camera and something to share, can make a vlog and upload it on their online profile or channel.

What do you need to make a Vlog?

You require to have the following in order create a good vlog:

  • Define your audience: You need to know your target audience whom you are making the vlog for. You should be able to define, at least vaguely, their age, profession, location, interests etc.
  • Own a camera: You can choose to start with your phone camera and switch to a professional one when you feel the need.
  • Edit your vlogs: You don’t have to be an amazing video editor. Raw and real vlogs certainly do well. But ensure that you edit your vlogs to make the look good enough for your audience.
  • Compile Vlog ideas: In order to create a good vlog, you need to have creative and consistent vlog ideas. Keep a diary or use notes on your phone. As soon as you have an idea keep track of it in your notes.
  • Watch others: there’s nothing wrong with learning from others.
  • Promote it: you need to do some video marketing to get your vlogs out there instead of relying on YouTube algorithms alone

How can you become a successful vlogger?

You can become a successful vlogger by creating vlogs that can interest people.

Success as a vlog creator is measured in terms of engagement you can get from your viewers.

If you are a vlogger, or aspire to become one, you should note down answers to the below questions to have an insight on how well you are doing as a vlogger:

  • Did your viewers like your vlog?
  • Did they share it with others?
  • Did they comment under your video and shared their views with you about the vlog?
  • Did you gain some more subscribers after uploading your vlog?
  • How many views did your video get?

Why vlogs are a hit?

  • They are easy to create once you get a hang of it
  • There are many interesting vlog ideas
  • People like watching vlogs
  • People tend to come back to your channel for entertainment and interest
  • It can become your part-time or full-time business

Why are people making Vlogs?

People often start vlogging as a hobby or a side-hustle but end up making a huge chunk of their overall income from vlogs. Vlogging can create a reliable and consistent income if treat it like a serious business.

You can vlog for several reasons:

How can one start Vlogging?

  1. The setup: Vlogging is easier to get started on but difficult to maintain. All you need is a good camera and a spot in your room (or outdoors) to be able to film. Once you have the minimum setup ready, you’re all geared up to start vlogging and building a fan base! Vlogging doesn’t need a professional setup like a video podcast.
  2. Know your audience: Remember to cater to your audiences and keep their likes and dislikes in perspective when creating content. Always take into account their suggestions and criticisms, without letting the negativity get to you.
  3. Make a list of Vlog ideas: In order to grow as a Vlogger, consistency is vital. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc. need you to post consistently in order to show up on more viewer’s screens. You need to have of your favourite Vlog ideas handy in order to consistently create Vlogs. When you’re starting out, note down some vlog ideas for beginners to get you warmed up. Once you become natural, you can start getting more creative.
  4. Know your channel: In addition to that, pay attention to the dynamics of your platform as well and the type of audience you will be creating content for.
  5. Optimize your channel: If you use YouTube to upload your vlogs, you have to optimize your content accordingly. Long-form content works best for the YouTube audience. If your platform is Instagram, you can make shorter videos and reels because the audience demands that type of content. It is never too late to get started with vlogging on any platform as long as you know the rules of the game. And you can always learn better by doing it.

Interesting vlog ideas for beginners and pros?

Lifestyle vlogs

These are the most common types of vlogs on the internet. Just expressing your lifestyle patterns, daily habits, regular routines, and diet. They form the crux of lifestyle vlogs. Viewers crave such content. They especially like watching people live a lifestyle that they wish to acquire for themselves.

Lifestyle vlogs are a great source of both entertainment and inspiration for the viewers, and one of the best vlog ideas for beginners. They create an interesting picture for the audiences and it keeps bringing them back to the screen. If you’re looking to start vlogging, lifestyle vlogs are a great way to initiate your journey.

Lifestyle vloggers usually run blogs as well. If you’re in the same boat, you may want to convert your videos into blog articles.

Travel Vlogs

If you love traveling or you are a frequent solo backpacker, then making travel vlogs is just the right niche for you. You can continue your travel journey but only add a camera to the trip. Educate your audiences about where and how you’re going, the popular spots in the area, food, lodging, and other interesting activities that one can indulge into.

People rely on travel vlogs to understand the pros and cons of visiting a particular destination. If you design your travel vlogs in a complete, fully-informative manner, leaving out no information, viewers will flock to your videos to understand the same without watching any other video content on the same subject.

Motivational vlog ideas

These types of videos are quite educational, informative, opinionated, and also inspirational. vloggers integrate their own life lessons into their videos and build upon them as life lessons for their audiences. Motivational content is evergreen and interesting.

People are always on the lookout for such content that motivates and inspires them to do good in life.

Some popular topics or subjects in this niche include:

  • How to deal with procrastination
  • How to increase productivity
  • How to improve confidence
  • How to develop personal etiquettes
  • How to battle failure
  • How to earn money by offering your skills
  • How to develop right money mindset
  • How to upskill
  • How to journal
  • How to reach your goals
  • How to focus
  • How to let go
  • How to read a book every month
  • How to negotiate
  • How to balance work and home
  • How to build good habits
  • How to ace online classes
  • How to manage time
  • Millionaires have these habits

If you can motivate other people through your talks and actions, you can be a great motivational vlogger. Regardless of how much the modern society progresses and changes, motivational topics hardly go out of trend.

Challenge vlogs

Challenge vlogs are becoming increasingly popular on the internet. These aren’t motivational or educational, but are fun to watch and experience.

Food challenges, gaming challenges, and pranks all fall into this category.

If you like thrill and adventure, and have friends who are willing to participate with you in this, then making challenge vlogs are just the right idea for you.

Some examples can be:

  • Eating without using your hands challenge
  • Eating chilly challenge
  • No blinking challenge
  • Ice bucket challenge
  • Minecraft challenge
  • Singing challenge
  • Dancing challenge
  • Tongue twister challenge
  • Biking challenge
  • Learning a difficult skill in just 21 days challenge

You can build a long list of such popular and creative challenges for your viewers and quickly become a famous vlogger. These are make for great short form content on TikTok or Instagram Reels.

If you do this, you can easily spin your YouTube videos and resize them for other channels.

Educational vlog ideas

Educating people of certain ideas is quite a popular niche. Many complicated topics on international politics and current affairs are pretty difficult to understand for the layman. You can grasp such topics yourself, do some in-depth research, and present the same information in a much simpler manner so that people can easily understand it, and create educational vlogs on the same.

These also include educating people on regular subjects like dinner table manners, dealing in social settings, personal grooming, networking, academics, and much more.

Some of the examples for educational topics can be:

  • Things you can do to save planet earth.
  • How to recycle.
  • How to teach children about climate change.
  • How to speak so people listen?
  • Which gadgets are economical as well as eco-friendly?
  • How to make a Vlog?
  • How to change your car tires in an emergency?
  • Easy way to learn addition
  • Easy way to learn multiplication
  • Easy way to learn division
  • Tips for safe traveling
  • How to not get scammed?
  • How to secure your online presence?
  • How to plan a vacation?
  • How to earn money through Vlogging?
  • How to earn money through Freelancing?
  • Best books on personal finance

You must have gotten some idea. There’s so much that you can educate people on!

Non-vlog Ideas

If you’re doing vlogs, then you may want to consider creating complimentary content. This will help you build your brand and let you reach an audience that’s hanging out on other channels:

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Opinion Vlog Ideas

Opinions are just that – opinions. They don’t have a right or wrong necessarily. So these make excellent vlog ideas for beginners.

Viewers love to gain a new perspective on ongoing trends and other current topics, be it in any field like sports, fashion, movies, or international politics. Speaking out your mind in front of a camera attracts plenty of eyeballs and gives you the right kind of attention.

They’re great for building relationships with certain parts of your audience. The more opinionated you are, the better! Warning though, you might get some people hating you for your opinions, but at the same time, you will gain some hardcore fans.

Being opinionated is the best way to initiate a healthy discussion with people across the world, and gain various insights into an otherwise uni-dimensional subject. However, there can be a drawback to this as well.

Some of the opinion vlogs can be made on the topics like these:

  • Your opinion on the new government scheme
  • Your opinion on the current fashion trend
  • Your opinion on the last election results
  • Your opinion of a book
  • Your opinion of a course
  • Your opinion of a place
  • Your opinion of a sports player
  • Your opinion of a social media trend
  • Your opinion on Olympic results
  • Your opinion of an actor
  • Your opinion of a famous movie
  • Your opinion of a youtuber
  • Your opinion of an influencer
  • Your opinion of a particular diet
  • Your opinion on parenting
  • Your opinion on online classes
  • Your opinion on Covid and vaccines

Opinion vlogs can sometimes backfire and fetch you unnecessary and uncalled-for hate. Nothing wrong with being diplomatic in your approach in addressing certain topics, especially on sensitive subjects. But that just ain’t fun.

Health and fitness vlog ideas

Health and fitness vlogs are pretty popular on the internet. In fact, health is an evergreen topic that will never go out of business. If you’re a health and fitness enthusiast, you can leverage your talent to educate your audiences about the same.

Health and fitness Vlog topics can be:

  • Eating healthy
  • Recipes for making healthy dishes
  • Workout routines – popular
  • Home and gym workouts
  • Dietary routines
  • Exercise regimes
  • Jumping rope
  • Running for fitness
  • Lifestyle habits for fitness
  • Mental health routines
  • Holistic health habits
  • Meditation for fitness and more!

Beauty and fashion vlogs

The beauty and fashion industry goes hand-in-hand. People like watching fashion and makeup content to up their own standards of beauty.

Individuals who have a knack for understanding clothes, etiquettes, manners, beauty, skincare, and makeup, and can even teach other people to get started, can make amazing videos on this subject.

You can make Vlogs on beauty and fashion topics such as:

  • Makeup tutorial
  • Eye makeup tutorial
  • Morning skin-care routine
  • Night skin-care routine
  • Face masks
  • DIY face masks
  • DIY hair masks
  • Best makeup products for dry skin
  • Best makeup products for oily skin
  • Best brands for buying dresses online
  • Top fashion magazines to take inspiration from
  • Top fashion influencers online
  • Affordable fashion for everyday

Nowadays, these vlogs are not yet limited to women but even men are getting on board with creating these videos, thereby increasing the viewership on this niche.

Family vlogs

There are several videos on the web in which people appear together as a family. Parents, grandparents, children, pets, and friends are all included in the vlog. These vlogs are about the daily happenings in the lives of these people.

Many couples choose to vlog together and create a common fan base for their videos. The viewers also love knowing about the family dynamics of the people behind the screen and watch it to gain a fresh take on the lives of otherwise regular people.

Family Vlog ideas:

  • How we met
  • Our new family member
  • How we found our pet
  • Where were we born
  • Our friends
  • Favorite family vacation
  • Favorite trip
  • Graduation party
  • Birthday celebration
  • Birthday gifts opening
  • What’s in our bags
  • House tour
  • Our favorite family past time

Funny vlog ideas

This is the most common yet the most popular type of vlogging niche. Anyone with a knack for comedy or a funny bone in them can get started with creating video content on the internet.

Viewers enjoy such videos since it gives them a funny take on regular day-to-day happenings in life. People crave a good laugh session after a hectic, tiring day and, hence, such videos do very well. 

Funny vlogs don’t need planning for content creation nor do they need as much preparation as other videos do. So, if you have an in-born talent of picturing a funny perspective in random, mundane things in life, maybe comedy vlogging is the niche for you.

Examples for funny vlogs:

  • Blooper reels
  • Behind the scenes
  • Pranks
  • Funny pet activities
  • Funny baby activities
  • Jokes on internet
  • Funny incident with a friend
  • Trying reel challenges that you know you would fail in
  • Mimicking a celeb

Vlogging is profitable niche and can translate into multiple returns if done correctly and leveraged in the right manner. All you need to do is get started right away, stay consistent with creating content, consider the word of your audiences, and use your fame to skyrocket your personal brand as well.

The best part about vlogging is, you can start straight away. All you need is a camera, decent lights and good audio. Then press record and post to YouTube.

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