YouTube Video Ideas To Get You More Subscribers

You might already know that the secret ingredient for a successful YouTube channel is consistency. For that, you have to regularly upload videos while maintaining the quality, before you actually catch the attention of your target audience. 

We all know it is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best YouTube video ideas in different categories. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

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First YouTube Video ideas

Starting out and establishing your presence on YouTube is not an easy task. For your initial videos, you can talk more about yourself and put forward your story. People will start recognizing you from your 

Here are some YouTube video ideas for beginners:

Tell more about yourself

People love to know about the person they are watching videos of. Therefore, talking to the audience directly will help. 

There is absolutely no need of planning a grand video because you can hook them by simply sitting in front of your camera- these are referred to as talking head videos.

Share your success story

When it comes to success in life, everyone has a different and engaging journey. Thus, share your journey with your audience so that they can relate to your struggles. You can watch and take references from this video by 

Cathrin Manning. She has explained how YouTube changed her life.

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Make a vlog

People love watching vlogs! Now, imagine this, everything that you are writing in a blog, you can represent it using a camera. If you are looking for some vlogging inspiration, no one can do it better than Rachel Aust. You can follow her channel for some good YouTube video ideas. 

Remember! To make an impact (and for accessibility) always add subtitles to your vlogs.

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Do a ‘What’s on your phone’ video

A What’s on your phone video always works for the better. If you think that your target audience is likely to watch stuff related to apps and technology, you can give this a shot. 

Get an idea by watching this:

Funny YouTube Video Ideas

If you are running a humor-based YouTube channel, you might be out of puns by now. Here are some funny video ideas for YouTube for you to follow:

Comical skits, but scripted

You can make some comical skits, prepare them and then perform in front of the camera. The topics may vary from some real-life situations to hypothetical ones. 


Pulling out pranks on random people, friends, or family members never gets old. However, make sure that your prank is harmless and nothing insensitive is involved in it, such as I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy prank. 


You can add effects to any music video, commercial, movie, or Tv show and make them funny. These parodies are one of the most fun YouTube video ideas to work on. Watch ‘I knew you were trouble’ parody by Bart Baker to set your mood right. 

Compilation of funny videos

If you are shy enough to act yourself, make a compilation of some different funny clips to leave your audience rolling on the floor laughing. Such as funny epic fails.

YouTube Video Ideas to get you more subscribers

Makeup YouTube Video Ideas 

Makeup videos and tutorials are quite popular on YouTube nowadays. The reason is a sudden rise in the popularity of the beauty and fashion space. It has given us some big names such as Bethany Mota and Zoella. People tend to trust these names before doing anything in makeup. 

If you want to be the next big thing, pick these makeup YouTube video ideas. 

Makeup Challenges

If you love makeup, you might have a good collection of products. You can pull a makeup challenge with any of your friends or family member. Either you can apply makeup on their faces or both of you can do it for each other.

Favorites Videos

You can always recommend your top best favorite products for the audience to buy for themselves. This will help them make a good decision. 

However, before you recommend any product to someone make sure that you have personally used it. If the product causes any reaction to your audience, it can affect the credibility of your channel. 

 For inspiration, watch this video:

Get ready with me

Get ready with me aka GRWM videos help people to get into the detailing of makeup. Since vloggers are considered perfectly polished, viewers love to take a look at their daily makeup routines. You can watch Leyla Rose as she is amazing in her Get ready with me makeup videos. 

Recreate celebrity looks

As the youth is heavily influenced by the way our celebrities do their makeup and dress. Therefore, you can take any of their glam, red carpet, or movie looks and recreate them on yourself.

You can also recreate your own previous looks, just like James Charles did in ‘Recreating my disgusting old makeup looks’. You can also get some great YouTube video ideas on his channel as well. 

YouTube Gaming Video Ideas

 Every gamer is unique when it comes to dreams and aspirations. Therefore, to utilize your passion in the right way, you should make a YouTube channel for yourself and other gamers that look for motivation. 

For such passionate games, we have mentioned some YouTube channels so that you can see YouTube video ideas for gamers for yourself. 

Name Of ChannelNumber of Subscribers
Pew Die Pie109 million
Juega German43.2 million
Fernan Floo40.2 million
VEGETTA 77732.1 million
Markiplier28.6 million
jacksepticeye26.5 million
Vanoss Gaming25.5 million
Dan TDM24.7 million
Ninja24.2 million
The Donato23.3 million

You can also achieve the same number of subscribers, only if you have some unique video ideas for youtube. 

Here they are:

Gaming Reviews

One of the easy YouTube video ideas is to do a gaming review. For your review, you can choose any trendy or popular game, or you can draw a comparison between two games. 

Other than games, the next thing that games look forward to is gaming accessories. You can do videos on consoles, gaming chairs, motherboards, lighting and so on. 

Record and share in-game footage

If you are a good gamer, it will be best to share your in-game footage directly and play in front of your audience. You can also go live on YouTube and play with your fans as well. This will increase the credibility of your channel and will help you build an audience for yourself. 

You can opt for editing your videos through a number of online tools as well. If not, you can screen record your game with your voice so that your audience can see you in action, that too, live. 

Play with fellow content creators

You can also schedule some challenges with your fellow gamers or content creators. It will help both the channels in gaining more subscribers. If everything goes in your favour, you can regularly play with that gamers. 

Work on Gaming Guides

If there is a tough game that you are a champion of, do not hesitate to make a detailed guide on that specific game. Start from telling about the story line of the game, show them the controls, how to play and how to modify it.

Lifestyle YouTube Video Ideas

Everyone now a days is dependent on the lifestyle vloggers, which will give you an edge if you opt for this niche.

Here is what to follow:

Shopping Videos

Whenever you are going out on shopping, you can take your audience with you. Not literally you can record the shopping haul on your camera and then upload it on your channel.

Teach them some exercises

For those who love yoga or work out sessions, record some for your audience and upload it. Encourage them to work out with you to maintain their shapes and stay fit.

Make a Lemonade

You can also let your viewers know about how you make your lemonade. Or you can use some quick recipes of different foods to keep them hooked.

DIY Videos

Since people today are always looking forward to some shortcuts, make DIY videos. It can be of any kinds, from clothing, makeup, furniture, garden hacks to anything that can help your audience.

YouTube Ideas To Do By Yourself

If you are on a lookout for some YouTube ideas to do by yourself, read these:

Share some time management and productivity routine

You can let your audience know about your daily productivity routine to help them with theirs. You can either make a proper vlog or just simply sit down in front of your camera and get started. You can also let them know about your favorite tricks that help you to manage your time and stay productive all day.


As our youth now is always looking for the right motivation, you can either be one for them or tell them some good self-care habits. It will help them to improve their self-concept.

To make your videos more interesting, you can embed some very powerful visuals. It will help them to stay engaged.

Make Expectations Vs Reality Videos

In such videos you can bust some common myths by showing the truth to your audience. It will keep them glued to their screens. Here is a sample:

Educate your audience by showing different tools to stay productive

There are a number of different tools used to keep yourself organized and productive. You can educate your audience on that by either sitting in front of a camera or sharing the screen of your mobile.

Summer YouTube Video Ideas

Summer is a long and tiring season in which we do not want to move from our air-conditioned room. For this sake, you can follow these summer YouTube video ideas this season:

A day in my office life

If you go to work, you can show a full cycle of how your day is at work. You can include all the relevant details that you think will keep your readers engaged.

Clean your room

You can clean your room with your audience. For example, you can work to clean your cupboard or paint the walls of your room and so on.

Outfit of the day inspiration

Directly from the comfort of your room, you can create different outfits and show them to your audience.

Summer skin care routine

With sweat tripping off, who can forget skin care in summers. You can do a full session of skin care routine with your audience.

Common Questions 

1.     Which software is user-friendly to edit videos for YouTube?

The best and user-friendly software that can be used is Imvidu, if you want to choose the best and wish to stand out in the crowd then choose this software, you would not be disappointed!

2.     What type of content should YouTubers post?

You should keep the interest of your viewer in your mind and think as if you are in their shoes. You should do what you like but post what people like. Go with the trendiest ideas and make them unique in your own way.

Some YouTubers have other marketing channels that they use. Blogging is fairly common, so you may wish to convert your videos into text for blogs.

3.     Can beginners make a career on YouTube?

Yes. With the right amount of effort, skills, and consistency anyone can make a career on YouTube. This platform is always open to new people. Everyone is welcome to portray their skills on the vast canvas of YouTube.

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