Why Transcribe Videos into Text?

Did you know you can auto transcribe your videos into text? Gone are the days of having to dictate your videos manually!

Speech to text technology when applied to video can help you with your work! For one converting videos into text can help with video editing using text it self and adding subtitles automatically.

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But let’s take a look at why you should transcribe your videos into text!

Transcribe Video Podcasts into Text

This one is for video podcasters (likewise for audio podcasts). You may already know that transcribing podcasts isn’t new. 

Transcripts posted on your website alongside the podcast may help with SEO and accessibility. However, transcripts alone aren’t fun to read. A

Also, raw transcriptions won’t really give you the results you need- see how transcribing videos into text can help with SEO below

Turn podcasts into show notes and articles for SEO

Turning your transcript into show notes adds much more value, for your listeners/readers. But also for your content marketing (better SEO). Show notes should:

  • Add more value to users by providing additional information where required
  • Fill in the gaps if certain things weren’t mentioned in the podcast
  • Make content easier to digest by reading more about it
  • Provide more context about the topic
  • Provide necessary references or links where appropriate

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Transcribe videos in a few clicks and do more with your content.

Turn Videos into Articles and Documents

Most businesses (and depending on the business) produce video content AND/OR other types of written content. However, repurposing one to another is a great way to leverage existing content, with less resources and costs. 

How To’ videos, informational videos or instructional videos can easily be turned into long form content. Transcribing your videos into text will create the foundations for your copy. With a bit of restructuring, you can easily re-purpose these into articles, PDFs, or even Keynotes. 

It also makes it easier to outsource content creation as you don’t have to provide additional briefs and detailed instructions. 

Turn videos into pdfs keynotes and articles

Ready to transcribe your videos into text? Find out how you can do it with Imvidu.

Transcribe Video and Audio into Blogs for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Show notes and articles *may* help with search engine optimization. However, search engines are constantly evolving. We know that Google will rank websites that have the following:

  • Velocity – how often and fast do you publish content (as well as keep it fresh)
  • Relevancy – relevant content based on what users are looking for
  • Content quality-Your overall content quality determines how well you perform in SEO. Keywords play a critical role in helping you rank for certain words. But quality will help with engagement
  • Links – both internal and external links play a significant role.
  • Engagement and User Experience – is your content engaging the user or is the user quickly bouncing back?

How does converting video content into text help with SEO then?

We know that velocity is something that Google takes into consideration. So, if you’ve already created a lot of video or audio content, then you can quickly get started with SEO (or grow it further) by transcribing your existing videos. 

  1. It will save you from coming up with new content ideas
  2. You can break longer videos into multiple blog articles
  3. It will save you time

A piece of text that’s transcribed from video will help Google know what your content is about. But it will not solve user engagement nor might it get your relevant traffic.

You need to keep the above SEO points (what Google looks at) in mind.

Place your keywords and keyword clusters in your text. Also, ensure that your blog page is structured and formatted for your reader – not for Google, especially given Google is looking at user experience as an increasingly important metric for SEO.

Keep these tips in mind for transcribing video into blog articles, especially for SEO.

  1. Break your content into Headings (H2, H3 and deeper levels if required)
  2. Create lists, tables and other relevant structured text to help your reader easily get value
  3. Ensure you also put in images or visuals
  4. Either place the same video on the page and or related videos that facilitate additional information for the user. 
  5. Put links in the content – link to other content on your site, to external references, and remember to link older articles into the NEW article itself. 

Pulling quotes to turn them into Stories, Images, and Posts.

This one is great if you’re building your own (or your client’s brand)! Sharing other people’s quotes is well… getting a bit boring. So why not create your own from all the wonderful footage you have? 

Turning your videos transcripts into quotes makes for excellent content marketing. It gives you a tonne of content to post on social media. Some of our users can pull out a month’s worth of quotes to use on social media from one 15-30 minute video of theirs. 

This obviously depends on your video content, but if you are an expert in your field, motivational speaker, coach and you regularly create video content – then this should do wonders for content creation. 

Why do you need to transcribe a video into text to do this?

Try doing it without it! It’s very difficult to do so.

Having the words in front of you, will help you pick out relevant text that you can spin into quotes. 


Turn videos into images

Learning and Training

Online learning is booming right now. This represents opportunities for course creators but it also means more competition as course creators try to compete with each other to provide better and useful learning. As well as effective learning outcomes!

Transcribing your courses into text materials provide clear benefits for yourself and for the learners:

  • Making course content searchable
  • Save the learner’s time from taking down notes
  • Assist with accessibility for hearing impaired

Courses also offer creators to use courses themselves for content marketing – turning them into articles, SEO and other ideas suggested earlier. 

Teachers and Lecturers will benefit by providing additional learning reference material for their students. Likewise, for students – they can get more value from having lecture transcriptions made available to them. This can help them by not having to worry about taking down notes, instead can focus on the learning. 

Use Imvidu to Transcribe Your Video Into Text

Need a better way to transcribe your video into text automatically?

Imvidu Studio will convert your videos into text letting you do more than just getting a transcript. Create video and text content faster with Imvidu.

Transcribe and turn video into text

Transcribe your video in one click with Imvidu.

Transcribe video meetings and conversations for tracking

Ever walked out of a client meeting and forgotten half the conversation instantly? Forgetting what someone said, and when they said it, is not uncommon if you’re having a lot of meetings with clients or team members.

Online conversations are now easy to record (with permission obviously), and tools like Zoom will even transcribe these for you. Other tools make it easy to transcribe and even track conversations. Something like Otter.ai does a good job of helping you transcribe your video meetings into text as well as manage them for future reference.

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Who else often transcribes video into text?

Journalist: often intertwine video and text to create one or more pieces of content. As such they will often have their videos transcribed into text. It can also help with proof and copy.

Oral historians: Oral history is the method of capturing the voices and memories of people and communities. Often the process entails a series of interviews of the person(s), and also requires approval of the person(s) for publishing these interviews once post production is complete. 

Transcribing these interviews makes it easier for historians to get approval from their interviewees. Secondly, it provides a copy for archiving and reference. 

Turning your video interviews into news articles let you extend the reach of your content by turning videos into text. But they also help you fill in the gaps

Admin staff, VAs and Project Managers: Taking meeting minutes is a thing of the past. Not to mention that it’s hard work keeping up with what people are talking about. As referred to earlier, getting recorded copies of meetings will help you easily create meeting minutes from the transcript

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