How to create subtitles in windows video editor

In this article we’ll take a look at how you can create subtitles in the default Windows Video Editor application. Creating subtitles is an important feature for videos. Windows video editor helps viewers enjoy videos better by applying editing tools to modify videos with features like adding subtitles, 3D effects, music, motion, and more.

Add subtitles with Imvidu

Auto generate your subtitles and save time instead.

Can you create subtitles in Windows Video Editor app?

Windows Video Editor app does not come with a specific subtitles feature. The short answer is, not easily. However there are two ways you can still add subtitles easily.

If you’re video has more than 1 minute of speech you want to create subtitles for, then I would strongly suggest to look for an alternative solution like Imvidu Studio that let’s you add subtitles automatically.

Why shouldn’t I do subtitles in windows video editor?

  • There is no dedicated subtitles feature.
  • There are not timestamps.
  • It’s harder to sync your subtitles with your audio/speech.
  • Styling subtitles for different speakers is very tedious.
  • You can’t easily change the text or fix text after you’ve done the subtitles.

If you want look at different ways to add subtitles read: What is the best way to add subtitles to videos.

Add subtitles to your videos the EASIER way instead.

Auto generate subtitles in a click.

How to add subtitles in windows video editor

Warning: Windows video editor app app doesn’t come with it’s dedicated subtitle feature. So instead we’ll be using the Text overlay feature. Once again, this is not recommended for closed captioning speech or for longer videos. Otherwise you’ll be spending half your life doing this in Windows Video Editor!

Here’s how you can add the subtitles (in this case text!)

Open your project and make sure your video clip is in the timeline / storyboard.

Make sure your clip selected and you are navigated at the spot where you want your subtitle.

Click on the Text icon.

Add subtitles to windows video editor step 1
Make sure your clip is selected

You can style your subtitles by selecting any style from the right hand side.

Select the style and type your subtitle

When you’re finished, click Done.

Now repeat the same process along all the points of your video you wish to add the text.

Auto add subtitles to your videos in Imvidu instead

Now, the easier way to add subtitles is to use Imvidu.

You can use the Imvidu Studio to automatically add subtitles easily. In fact you can do this in a couple of clicks.

1. Go to Studio.Imvidu.Com and sign up

2. Upload your video – this will generate the subtitles automatically

3. If required you can style your subtitles on the video it self or export the subtitles as an SRT file

Upload Video

Drag and drop your media file. The platform takes .MP4, .Avi, .Mov, .Mpeg and most popular video file types

Auto Generate

The system will convert speech to text automatically. Subtitles add automatically also based on the text.

Fix and Style Subtitles

You can style the subtitles any way you like.

Export Video

This is a feature block that you can use to highlight features.

# Auto generating subtitles

This usually takes 30-50% of the time of your video but it is an important step. This will convert all speech into text in your video. The time taken to generate the text depends on the length of your video.

# Editing the text

The quality of the subtitles generated will depend on the quality of the audio. So, a crisp audio with well spoken speech should have a high accuracy rate and get close to 95% accuracy.

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