Create Snippets and Clips from Videos – Tutorial

In this tutorial we go through and show you how to quickly create Snippets from longer videos. It also shows how to use highlights and the ability duplicate projects.

The following shows key parts for this:

  1. Duration of the highlights
  2. Highlight tool
  3. Snippet creation tool

When to Use Snippets Feature

If you have a longer video or you want to create different pieces of content from ONE video.

Example 1: Quickly highlight sections of a long video, then create a snippet or multiple snippets from the highlights. This saves you time from deleting, cutting etc.

Example 2: Create one video for YouTube, while creating a shorter one for Facebook and possibly other versions for different channels. You can use Snippets or ‘Duplicate’ project to achieve this.

Highlight your text first, then create a snippet

How to highlight parts of your video

1. Select the highlight color using the drop down next to the highlight button

2. Drag and select the range of words to highlight, then click on the Highlight Button.

3. To remove highlight select the highlighted words and click on highlighter again

Note: You can do highlight using different colors

Currently you can only view one color of highlights at a time. To switch colors click on the drop down and select the color you wish to view.

How to Create a Snippet

1. Click on the Snippet icon

Make sure you’ve highlighted first!

2. Select the color of the highlight you want to create a snippet from


Select ‘All Highlights’ to merge all highlights into one snippet. This will combine all your highlights and create ONE snippet out of all of them.

As soon as you select the relevant option, it will start creating the snippet for you.

3. You can navigate between the new snippet and original project using the tabs in your browser

4. The snippets can also be accessed from the main Projects Page

Any changes you now make to the snippets will not change the original project or duplicates you’ve created.

Projects page will show you Original, Duplicate and Snippets

How to Duplicate a Video Project

Duplicating a video project is another way to quickly create more content. You can duplicate a single project and edit it differently for different social media or different purposes.

To Duplicate your project:

  1. Click on the drop down next to the project name
  2. Click on the ‘Duplicate Project’ button

This will create a copy of your project as it is in the current state. That is, it will retain any editing you’ve done, for example deletions, cuts, adding overlays etc.

The Duplicate or Original projects can be opened from the projects page.

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