Part 3: 70 Social Media Post Ideas To fill Up Your Social Media Content Calendar

Producing your own content can be an extremely daunting process, especially if you’re too busy with other aspects of your business.

Finding the motivation to constantly produce solid content can toll your finances and creativity.

If you are not posting constantly, it can fall into the black hole of never-ending content ideas.

You’re wasting your time and money, as well as the potential engagement and productivity of your target audience.

This is the last part of 100 social media content ideas that fill your content calendar.

You can now finally post frequently and regularly on all your social media channels!

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41. Share a valuable lesson you’ve learned

The best thing about sharing your lessons and thoughts is helping others learn from your experience.

It also helps them avoid making the same mistakes you have made in the past.

It is an opportunity to teach, inspire and motivate others.

42. Create a visual representation of the product

A visual representation of a product can provide more information about the product. It can be a good content idea on social media. 

It will provide more information and generate engagement and interest in your product.

The following are some of the advantages of using visual representations on social media:

  • They are easy to understand and engage with
  • They are more likely to generate interest in your product
  • They can help you sell your products by providing more information about them

43. Share a Nonprofit Organization You’ve Worked With

Sharing a nonprofit organization you’ve worked with on social media is a good idea because people are always more likely to donate when they know the organization personally.

Share your experience, the excellent work they do, and how you’ve been positively impacted by their work.

Nonprofit Organization

One of the first stages in effecting change is education and advocacy, using social media to spread the word about the nonprofit you’ve worked with.

Communicate your objective to new followers and spread the news about new community activities, campaigns, and issues.

44. Post affiliates

Posting your affiliates is a good idea to post them on social media because it can help you promote your business by showing what other companies are doing.

It also helps you get more followers, likes, shares, and comments, leading to increased sales and revenue.

45. Publish a discount or promotional deal

It can be used to announce the launch of a new product, the arrival of the holiday season, or any other time when you want to promote your business.


Some companies publish discounts on their social media channels as part of their marketing strategy.

The goal is to attract new customers and increase sales by incentivizing them to buy.

46. Make a profile of a worker

A profile is what you post about yourself. 

It is your personal identity; it can be an introduction of yourself, a loyal worker, or about what you do for work or what you are interested in.

It might also be about who you are as a person, or it might just be a list of all the things that you like.

There are many different types of profiles, but they all have the same goal: to share who they are with other people online and make connections with them.

47. Post a fact or fiction dilemma

Fact or fiction is a popular content idea on social media. 

This kind of content is usually used as entertainment and to generate engagement.

The post will ask the reader to guess whether the statement is fact or fiction; the answer will be revealed at the end of the post.

48. Promote a sale that belongs to someone else

If you are a marketer and want to promote a sale that belongs to someone else, then there are two ways to do this.

The first way is to make sure that your promotional content is good enough; you need to know the product inside out and talk about it with passion.

The second way is by making sure that you share the sale with your followers on social media.

Some marketers have successfully promoted other brands’ products by putting their own spin on them.

For example, if they wanted to promote an event for another company, they would do it in a way that makes their brand unique and different from the other company’s brand.

It is a great way to get more exposure for the company, and it also provides value to the customer.

49. Start a podcast

A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files that users can download and listen to.

Podcasts are like radio shows, but they are distributed online instead of broadcasting through the airwaves.

Podcasts are often on-demand programs that users can listen to at any time. 


They can be listened to while commuting, exercising, or doing household chores.

It’s a great way to build your brand. 

You can use it as a tool for marketing campaigns, boosting traffic on your website and blog posts, as well as increasing social media engagement, and building your email list.

50. Share the inspiration behind your product or service’s creation

Sharing the inspiration can be a great way to make your customers feel like they are part of the process, and it can also help you get more followers.

If you have a product or service based on an idea, you should share your inspiration for the concept; this will give people more incentive to follow you and might even increase sales.

51. Share Your Morning Routine

Sharing your morning routine can be motivational to others, and it is something that people are interested in.

A morning routine can be a great way to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the world; it can also be a great way to start your day by seeing what other people have done in their lives.

morning routine

Your followers may find some exciting tips that they didn’t know about before, or they may find some new things that will motivate them to do better for themselves.

People love to share their morning routine on social media;; it is an excellent way to connect with their followers.

52. Provide professional opinions on a subject

It can be in the form of an article, blog post, or video; the key is to provide insightful and valuable information applicable to your audience.

This is also an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

For example, suppose you’re a freelance writer. 

In that case, you can share your insights into the best practices for writing high-quality content for social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

53. Acquaint the group with the newest members

Introduce the newest members of the group and why they are joining your followers.

The idea is to showcase the newest members of your team, their skills, and what they are doing.

Acquainting new members to our current followers is suitable for social media because it’s easy to share and has a lot of potential for engagement.

54. Motivate your fans to donate to a good cause

It’s about how you can use your social media account to encourage people to donate to a good cause.

Some people might be more likely to donate if they are convinced that the money will go towards something worthwhile.

You could also show them what the donation will look like compared to their current spending habits, such as buying coffee every day or taking a taxi every day.


55. This day in history

Posting a significant event that happened to you or your business a year ago can be used to highlight the history and share the memories of the past.

56. Streaming Live Video

Live streaming video has been seen as the next step in content marketing, and it’s gaining more popularity with each passing day.

live video

You can create many different types of live videos, such as interviews, vlogs, Q&A sessions, or any other kind of live event that you might want to share with your followers.

57. Consider Making A Gift For The People Who Attend Your Event

Consider making a gift for the people who attend your event to show how much you appreciate their time and effort.

Giving away freebies at your live event can help increase engagement with attendees on social media, by giving them something can share or be valuable to them after they leave.

It also helps build anticipation for future events.

58. Show a preview of your upcoming event

By showing a preview of your upcoming event on social media, you will reach more people and attract them to the event.

The preview should show what the event is about, why people should attend it, and when and where it will occur. The preview can also include some of the speakers at the event to know who they will see Live.

upcoming events

The goal of this content is not only to get people excited about your event but also to convince them that they should attend it.

You want them to feel like they are missing something if they don’t come, so you want them to act now!

59. Distribute a coupon to your customers

The main idea behind distributing a coupon to your customers is to make them aware of your product. The best time to spread a coupon is when you have a new product or service launch. 

This will help you to gain more customers and increase the number of sales.


60. Ask me anything

The idea behind “Asking me anything” is that you answer any questions that your followers may have. 

This can be done by using a Q&A format or by answering the questions in a video.

It’s an excellent way to engage with your followers because it allows them to know you better. 

It provides you with an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and personality.

61. Persuade Customers to Make a Purchase of your products or services

Many reasons why persuading customers to purchase your products is a good content idea on social media.

The number one reason is that it can increase sales.

It can increase sales by increasing the number of followers on your company’s social media account.

This will increase the number of people who see your posts and, therefore, increase the chance of them making a purchase from you. 

Another way it can increase sales is by increasing customer engagement, which increases conversions.

When people engage with your posts, they become more invested in what you have to say.

Which increases their chances of buying from you – especially if they are already interested in what you’re selling.

62. Share interesting, fun facts

It is a good idea to share interesting, fun facts about the topic you discuss on social media.

These facts will make your post more engaging, and it’s easy for your followers to like or share the post; this will allow you to reach a wider audience.

fun fact

63. Host challenges that are currently trending

Host challenges are a popular trend on social media. 

They are a type of challenge created and hosted by the host. 

The host usually creates the challenge and provides all of the information to be completed.

Most of the time, the host will award a prize to those who complete the task.

Some examples of popular host challenges are:

  • 30-day push-up challenge
  • 20 lb. lose-weight challenge
  • Between Art And Quarantine Challenge
  • The trick challenge, many more!

64. Show the world a little video clip of yourself

A new trend in content marketing makes it easier than ever to get noticed.

It’s called the “selfie video,” and this type of video has become so popular because it can provide quick, engaging, and relevant information about you in a short time without being too personal.

65. Shoutout or mention your clients

Shoutouts are a great way to show your appreciation for your clients; it also helps build relationships with potential clients.

Mentioning our clients is also a good way for small businesses to promote themselves to a larger audience.

They generally take less time and money than other marketing efforts.

By acknowledging your followers for their support and sharing their work with their networks, you’re showing that you care about them.

66. Share Some Personal Wins or Results

We all want to feel appreciated; it is a basic human need, and it is key to our happiness.

We are more likely to share something that we are proud of with others, which can be seen on social media.

The best way to feel appreciated is by sharing some personal wins or results as social media content.

67. Conduct a survey

Conducting a survey is good social media content because it is interactive, provides the readers with the information they are looking for, and creates conversations.

A survey is an effective way to get feedback from your audience.


It can be used to measure opinions, find out what your customers want, or just get more people interested in your business.

Surveys provide readers with the information they need and want and create conversations that lead to more followers and customers.

68. Post a Throwback Thursday

Posting a Throwback Thursday is an excellent way to engage your audience and show them what you have been up to in the past.

It can also be an excellent way to showcase your personal style and how it has evolved over the years.

This is also an opportunity for you to post content that might not have had as much attention when it was first published. 

Throwback Thursday

It’s an excellent way for you to get more likes, comments, and shares from people who may not have seen it before.

It’s also an excellent way to showcase your company’s history in a fun and interactive way.

69. Combine serious topics with something funny or casual

Humor is a powerful tool! It can change the mood of an audience, make an audience more receptive to your message, and make your message more memorable.

This will help your readers remember the message you are trying to convey.

For example, if you are writing about the dangers of smoking, you can add some facts about how smoking can lead to lung cancer and heart disease.

But, you can also add some facts about how smoking can be fun with funny photos or GIFs.

70. Guest posts

Guest posts are usually written by someone not affiliated with the site in question; this person can be an expert in their field and have something valuable to share with the readers of that site.

The content has to be relevant and exciting for the readers of that site. Otherwise, it will not work.

The series has concluded; we hope that you have found it helpful and that it has given you a lot of ideas for posts.

We have looked at 70 different ways to fill your social media content calendar with exciting and engaging content.

No matter your niche, we have given you some ideas for posts that you can use in the future.

We hope that this series will help you be more creative with your social media marketing strategy and generate more engagement on your social media channels.

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