How to do Trim and Cuts

Imvidu online video editor let’s you trim and cut your videos easily. Especially if your videos have a lot of speech or talking. E.g:

  • Vlogs
  • Podcasts
  • Video interviews
  • Talking head videos, etc.

The easiest thing you can do right now is something called a ‘Jump Cut’. This is a simple cut that transitions quickly and is ideal for removing repetitions, filler words and silences.

How to cut or trim your talking head video

Delete trim or cut video
Select the words to cut. Red highlights indicate the video is cut from that point.
  1. Click on the ‘Delete’ button
  2. Select the text where you want to cut the section of video
  3. The red highlighted text indicates the video is cut at that point
  4. You don’t need to verify or confirm the cut. If it’s highlighted red, it’s cut.

You can preview the video is deleted by replaying the video a few moments before the point of the cut.

Undo a cut or trim

To undo your cut, simply select the highlighted word or words again. When it’s no longer highlighted in red, it indicates that the cut is removed

Undo delete trim or cut video
Select the highlights to undo a cut or trim.
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