Cut Video Easily

Cut and trim video easily with Imvidu online video editor.

Trim and cut video using text

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How To Cut a Video

1. Sign in and upload your video to start

Sign in and simply upload or Drag & Drop your video from your PC into the online video editor.

2. Generate Transcript

Imvidu works best for videos that have a lot of talking. Interviews, podcasts, and vlogs are good examples of such videos.

Once the transcript is generated you can actually use the text to simply cut or trim your video.

3. Cut or trim your video

To cut video simply select the text for which you want to delete the section of video for. Then press Delete on your keyboard.

This will cut the section of the video (not just the text). Silence or other sounds in your video (besides dialogue) are indicated by dots in the transcript. This lets you quickly cut out sections of video easily too.

For example in an interview where no one is talking for a while. You can simply select the dots and click delete. This will cut out the silent section of the video.

4. Split video

You can also split your video into multiple clips easily. Select the Split tool in the horizontal tool bar then select the text where you want to split the video.

As soon as you select the text, your video will be split. You can preview the clips once you’re ready to export your video.

How and Why 'Cut Video' Online?

The Imvidu video editor is a simple online video editor that let’s you cut or edit your videos quickly. It’s purely online – that means no downloads, extensions or apps to install. You use it through your browser. You simply upload any type of video file (e.g. MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, WEBM) into the online editor to get started.

Primarily though Imvidu is based on text based video editing. That means, when you cut a word, you cut a video. That’s why the transcript generation in the studio is important.

The online video editor will generate a transcript based on the dialogue in your video. Because of this, it’s perfect for videos that have a lot of dialouge, speech or talking. For example:

  • Vlogs
  • Video interviews
  • Video podcasts
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Talking head videos
  • Zoom videos
  • Facebook live videos

The transcript can be used to complete multiple video editing tasks. A perfect use-case, naturally is adding subtitles automatically. You can also add text to your videos. Once you’ve cut or trimmed your video, simply click on Export. Here you will be able to download the edited video in MP4 format.


Why use Imvidu Online Video Editor


It’s free to get started. You get a monthly free tier every month. Simply upgrade your plan if you need to upload and edit more videos every month.

No Watermarks

There are no Imvidu watermarks on your videos – even on the free plan.

More than just video

Imvidu is a content production tool rather than just a video editor. With transcriptions, audio and video capabilities it let’s you create more content, faster.

Fully online

All your videos are stored and edited online through your browser. No messy installations or downloads.