How do you transcribe a video into text

There are plenty of speech-to-text converters online. Some of these transcribe video into text as well as audio files. In this article we’ll go through how you can transcribe a video into text online using Imvidu Studio automatically and in a few clicks.

Transcribe and turn video into text

Transcribe your video in one click.

The traditional approach to transcribe a video or an audio can be tedious and time consuming work to transcribe an audio file. In fact, it takes the average person anywhere from 4-8 hours to transcribe a video that is one hour in length. For most busy professionals, those are hours that could be better spent.

Here are some reasons users automatically transcription to convert audio and video to text:

  • Podcasters: create show notes and help with SEO
  • Journalists: to quickly find quotes within a lengthy interview
  • Experts, coaches and teachers: make their content searchable as well as provide notes to students
  • Students: Get notes easily from lectures
  • Content marketers: to find create tweet-able content and repurpose videos such as lives.
  • Interviewers: transcribe their video and post alongside interviews
  • Oral history experts: Extract transcript for proof copy and archives

How to transcribe video to text?

Step 1

Sign In

You will need to register and sign in. You can get started for free, although limits apply.

Step 2

Upload video

Drag and drop any .MP4, .Avi, .Mov, .Mpeg or any popular video file types

Step 3

Click Generate Transcript

Your video will be transcribed into text automatically.

Step 4

Edit the text

You may edit the text inside the studio. Simply select the text to edit and type over it. It’s like editing a Word document.

Step 5

Download the transcript

Click on the Download button and select the text file option. You will get a link to download your transcript. The file is stored on the cloud also so you can access it any time.

How long will it take to transcribe a video?

Allow for the video upload time and then the conversion into text time. All up it should take roughly 30-50% of the length of the video. So, for example if your video is 20 minutes long it will take roughly 6 to 10 minutes.

Why use Imvidu to transcribe your video into Text


The studio will transcribe .MP4, .Avi, .Mov, .Mpeg and most popular video file types

Auto Generate

The system will convert speech to text automatically. Subtitles add automatically also based on the text.

Edit text

You can edit the text while in the studio.

Export Transcript

Export your transcript in SRT or TXT format.

Imvidu Online Studio is more than a transcript generator though. You can do more with your video and text content as well. Especially for editing and styling your video for sharing on social media.

Automatically add subtitles
Add and Style text in seconds
Resize your videos in a few clicks
Do jump cuts based on text!

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