Why edit video using text!

Spending too much time producing your videos? If you’re doing a lot of videos where you’re talking to your audience, that could be Facebook Lives, Presentations, Talking head videos – just like the one I’m doing right now! Then you’ll know how tedious and painful they are!

Doing take after take. After take. Making mistakes doing more takes.

Just recording them can be painful. Then Once you sit down to edit them, you have to use complex editing tools, that take way too long.

If you’ve used a standard video editing tool, then you’ll know that typically have to sit there, listen to your audio – again and again and try doing all these little cuts and edits to your video. Yeah, not cool. Not cool. 

Edit talking style videos
Talking style videos like this can be hard to edit

So, if you want to spend more time getting your content out there, and working on your business, and less time producing videos. Then today I’m going to show you how you can start recording in ONE TAKE AND EDIT YOUR TALKING STYLE VIDEOS FASTER.

Timeline vs Text based video editor

When you typically edit your videos in a video editing tool, you will use something called the timeline. Now, the timeline does make it really easy to edit videos.

BUT if you have talking style videos, then… NOT SO MUCH. Because then you have to continuously listen to your video, constantly go back and forth, to know exactly where you’re going to edit your video.

So, I want to introduce something a bit different – the text based video editor. Unlike a typical video editing tool that uses the timeline, the text based editor transcribes your video into text first. Then you can edit your video, using the text.

5 reasons why you should a text based video editor

#1 You can quickly find and navigate your video to the exact place you start talking about something. Press Ctrl+F, simply search for phrases or words to quickly scrub to that point in the video.

DaVinci Resolve New Timeline
Time line view in a typical video editing tool

No more scrubbing back and forth on the timeline and having to listen to your video again and again.. And again… and again!

#2 You can quickly delete irrelevant or unwanted bits in your video using words. No more scrubbing. So for example, I can select words, sentences or paragraphs, hit DELETE. This will cut out the video.

Playing back the video – I’ll see that part is now gone! I’ll can even quickly go through my entire video and trim out filler words that I typically use… and even those awkward silences. 

Edit video using text
Delete text, will trim video too!

#3 Start recording in one take. Since you can cut your videos using text, and it’s so much simpler to do so, you don’t need to worry about getting your videos PERFECT when you record.

Simply record in one take, then edit them out using a text based video editor.

#4 Add your overlays based on the text. You can quickly add relevant images and objects on your video using words as a guide. No more guessing where to add particular images. Simply search for the keywords where you want to overlay your images.

For example, I can quickly insert an image of social media Icons, where I mention Facebook.

#5 Repurpose your content. So this is a bit of a hack, but because you’ve got all this text here. Imagine all the awesome content you can create from it.

I love to grab snippets and turn them into quotes for social media. You can also turn them into text posts, by summarizing your video. You can use the text as descriptions.

You can even just get ideas or snippets to tweet! Or if you wanted to, you can either post the transcript alongside your video on your blog, or even repurpose the video into a Blog Article! The possibilities are huge.

Taking style video and vlog editor

So, there you go. If you are creating talking style videos, then try out a text based editor.

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