How to add text in Davinci Resolve

Let’s take a look at different ways to add text in Davinci Resolve. In this tutorial I’ll go through the most basic way of adding text to your video, but also show you how you can start creating powerful text (and text animations) in Resolve. 

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Pros of adding text in Davinci Resolve

  • If you can think of it, you can do it in Davinci Resolve
  • From simple to advanced text add abilities
  • Do more with your video (editing)

Cons of adding text in Davinci Resolve

  • Requires know-ho and good knowledge on how to use Davinci Resolve
  • Complex to do simpler tasks and for simple videos
  • System resource intensive

Tl;dr: How to add text in Davinci Resolve

Before you continue with the in depth tutorial, here is the short version:

  • Open up Effects Library
  • Go to Titles
  • Select your text type
  • Drag it to the resolve timeline
  • Edit the text using Inspector on the right

How to add text in DaVinci Resolve

The very thing is just with a simple text effect. 

Go over to the effects Library. If you don’t have this open, make sure that the Effects Library is highlighted. 

If you go down to titles, this will give you a list of different titles that you can use on your clips from basic text to more animated titles. 

For now we’ll do a simple text as an example. But feel free to drag any that you like. 

For the basic title, select the tile that says ‘text’. Do not select ‘Text+’ for now as we’ll cover that later. 

Drag it down into the timeline over your video clip. 

Move this text clip around and trim like you would any other clip in the timeline. 

For example, we’ll make it the same length as our clip.

Tip Turn on snapping using the little magnet button above the timeline. This will make the selected clip snap to other clips inthe timeline.

Editing the text block in Resolve

Select the text clip in the timeline and go up to the upper right corner. 

The Inspector lets you change almost anything relating to the text. 

Use the inspector to adjust the properties of anything that you have selected in the timeline. So, for the text, type in the text you wish to show on your video. 

Go ahead and tweak the size, font size and colors as you like. 

You can add additional effects, for example: 

  • Drop shadow
  • Zoom 
  • Blur
  • Background colour and size

Text Background is a common one to change. So, let’s go ahead and update that.

Move the slider for the height and width and update the background colour to contrast the video. 

So, that’s it, this is the most basic way to add text in Davinci Resolve.

Easily add fancy text in Resolve

Now, let’s get a bit more fancy with our text! The following will let you go in depth with the styling and animations of your text. It will open up the possibility to do almost anything you can think of with text in Resolve.

Open up the Effects Library and go to Title.

This time, select Text+. 

The Text+ title comes with more features that you can control in the Inspector on the right. 

Add your text as normal. 

Notice the multiple tabs that let you change individual functions:

  • Layout
  • Transform
  • Shading
  • Settings

Think of Text+ as breaking up your text to a character level, where each character is a layer of its own. This way you can apply rotation, shear and other effects for finer control of the text. You can also apply layer effects to the text over all.

In our example, we’ll create a transparent text and create a stroke around it. Also apply a small shear to it.

The final thing you can do is go into the Fusion settings and bring your text to life.For simple transitions you can also use keyframes. But if you are familiar with it feel free to apply to your text. I won’t cover it in this tutorial.  For now, go ahead and get as crazy as you want to with your text in Davinci Resolve!

Add text to video using Resolve – video

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