How to edit subtitle text


You can use the subtitle generator in Imvidu to automatically add subtitles. To do so:

Editing subtitle (or transcript) text

add and then edit subtitles or transcript
  1. Make sure you’ve turned the ‘Transcript editor’ mode to on
  2. Select any word and type as you would in a word document

Note: You can only type out one word at a time

Note II: Editing transcript text is the same as editing subtitle text

TIP: Press the ‘tab’ key on your keyboard to move forward to edit words while in Transcript Editor mode

To remove a word:

  • Select the word and press DELETE or BACKSPACE on your keyboard
  • You can select a word and press SPACE BAR on your keyboard, however this will not visually show that the word has been removed
Update subtitle using SPACEBAR vs DELETE

When you update the text, subtitles will automatically get updated.

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