Meet the team 

Jag founder at Imvidu

Jag Virk

Founder and Chief Rockstar

I wear the CEO hat and multiple other ones! But my mission is to help you create wayyy more content wayyy faster.

Ruchit Dalwadi

Founder and Chief Magician

I wear the CTO hat and am here to and here to help create a platform that's going to bring your content to life​

Vinay Teki

Founder and Lead Wizard

Super powers as a lead tech engineer and here to help create an amazing out-of-the-world content platform.

Our mission

We built Imvidu after having created dozens of videos, 1000 hours of content, 100s of blog articles.

Audiences are consuming more content every day, but creating content for different channels is hard, tedious, and time consuming work…. and  so how do you keep up?

We wanted to fix that and make it easy for people to create content. Right now our focus is on making it easy to edit your video and repurpose that into short engaging content, faster. Soon you’ll be able to repurpose various pieces of content into a plethora of content for your marketing.

Our mission is to help you 10x your content in 1 tenth of the time, helping you truly scale multi-channel content marketing.