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1. Community

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3. Premium Support

Best way to get support:

You can follow us or contact us through your favorite channel as well:


You must Sign Up to the studio so your VIP plan can be activated by us. You may use the studio until then however there will be some limitations to uploads etc.

Activation can take up to 24 hours, please be patient.

Studio is for your desktop browser, not your mobile. You may use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Studio is for your desktop browser, not your mobile. You may use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

You’ve signed up to a once off Early VIP offer. We need to match your email and update your account in the system manually. This can take up to 24 hours for us to do, however it should be done in a few hours.

1. Please ensure you use the same email as the one you paid with. If you didn’t do this, please contact us through our support channels, see below.

2. Please allow 24 hours

Note: you can still use your account – however only trial limits apply. These have restrictions like smaller upload limit (15minutes).



The best way to get support:

1. Through the studio – just DM us directly or raise a ticket there. This is the best option.

2. Through the community page – you can create a post and ask us a question

3. You can email

Please contact us on or through the studio. We will process the request for you.

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