Repurpose & multiply content super fast using text-based video editing

100% online. No installations. Works best on desktop browser.

highlight to create snippets
The once-in-a Lifetime deal is here!

Transcript based video editing

Play Video about Edit video USING text!

Yep. Use text as a guide to video editing

Imvidu converts video into text. So, you use the transcript to edit videos😋

Trim words to trim video

Cut a word? It’ll cut your video.

No more tedious timeline editing.

Remove boring

Remove dull moments in your video easily.

Trim silences easily

Remove silences, ummss and uhhhs easily.

Auto trim silences

Delete all silences and dull moments in one click

Export your transcript

Do more with your text. Post to blog or upload along with your video to compliment them

Turn lonnngggg videos into bite size clips

10x your content using 'snippets'

Play Video about Create snippets from video

Unlimited snippets

Create unlimited variations of clips. Test, try, experiment as much as you want before exporting.

Add subtitles without lifting a finger

Auto generated captions + more

Auto add subtitles and style them on video

Subtitle presets

Advanced controls and all subtitle presets

Make your clips stand out

Add headlines, branding and resize your videos... in clicks...

Little things that make a big difference

That help you accelerate your content

video templates for easy video repurposing

Savings you won't see again

Save up to 70% off compared to regular plans

60-days full refund

Didn’t use it? Don’t like it? No problem. No question asked refund.

Early Feature Access

Be one of the first to try new features and releases

Presets & Templates

Get access to a range of premium template

Premium Support

Get treated like the VIP that you are.


Get access to our community. Promote and share your content or network with peers.

Access the Roadmap

Get a say in what we build next and have your vote counted!



$ 89



$ 189



$ 289



$ 589


Prices are in USD.

Transcription limits and export limits reset monthly!

Need bigger plans? Chat with us for agency and unlimited plans!


Full FEATURE Comparison

Upload limits per file

Auto captions


Export subtitle file

Export transcript files

Duplicate Projects


Auto captions (minutes)

Edit video using transcript

Auto trim silences and pauses

Story, square, landscape resize

Upload your own watermarks

Animated progress bar

Text blocks and headlines

Text and font styling

Text and font advanced controls

Copy text to clip board

Text presets

Icon and emoji overlays

Progress bar presets

Subtitle presets

Image overlays

Usage limits may apply or Premium images that require purchase form third party APIs may not be included.

Subtitle Word and Line Control

Control number of lines and length of subtitles you want to show on your videos

Languages *coming soon (ETA Quarter 2 this year)

Subtitle Super Styling *Coming soon (ETA Q2 this year)

Create impactful and cooler subtitles in a few clicks

Crawl & Walk


One Time Payment







Limits Apply

Limits Apply

Limits Apply



One Time Payment







Customer statements

FAQ and T&Cs

How do I get the deal?

To get started, sign up into the studio. Click on ‘Upgrade Limits’. Select the plan you wish to sign up to. On checkout page enter your payment details as well as a promo code if you have one.

What's included?

Everything as listed under the pricing and features section for the Lifetime Deal.

Do I get all future features?

You will get most features in the future, however features and quotas are different on different plans.

Will I get locked out of important features and updates?

No way. We’ll continue providing updates and features to all plans to an extent they are financially feasible.

What if a new feature is not available on the plan I signed up to?

You can upgrade plans. Or we may also have add-ons functionality in the future which may allow you to purchase a particular feature set or additional quotas as an add-on.

Can I get a discount?

You can get a promo code if  you follow any of our partners. Else, join the Facebook community as we’ll regularly do promotions or ad-hoc giveaways there.


No. The studio is accessible from your desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

You pay one fee to use the Imvidu Studio. Pay once, use forever.

You can also sign up to a monthly subscription if that’s more your cup of tea.

Yes you can. We offer a trial period before you decide to purchase a plan.

We offer a 30 day full money back guarantee. If you really don’t like the platform, you can ask for your money back anytime during the 30 days.

We use Stripe for payments processing. Please allow 5-7 business days for us to process a refund. Then allow Stripe 5-10 business days to return the funds to your bank account.

After the 30 days, your funds generally aren’t refundable unless you ask us nicely. Please get in touch with us and we may be able to assist.

If you use more than 50% of your quota, or create multiple accounts to use up quota, we may only do partial refund based on pro-rata basis or with-hold any transaction fees charged by our payment processors. 

Please don’t churn accounts to stay within refund period, just reach out to us nicely and we can assist.

We have a Free Trial period for you to use and test the product before deciding to purchase.

You get all features listed under the pricing and features section.

You will continue to get updates to the plan you sign up to.

The features and quotas that you get as part of the updates may be limited by the plan you sign up to. Features and quotas are different for every plan whether it be LTD, subscription, or annual plans.

Features across LTD plans may or may not be similar to a similar subscription monthly/annual plan- for example, the starter plan for LTD (e.g. Walk) will be similar to the starter subscription plan (e.g. Lite) – however, not exactly the same.

 You may upgrade your plan if it’s available at the time. You can also change your plan to a subscription plan.

Downgrades may not be possible.

Get in touch with us either way.

We currently don’t have team plans or team member functionality.

It is on the roadmap, so for transparency and so you can make an informed decision:

We will *potentially* have two types of users:

  1. Team members
  2. Collaborators

Collaborators will be on all plans – how many, remain to be seen and we’ll get user feedback on this when time comes.

Team members – the Run and Fly plans will get team members with Fly being the most flexible.

Note: Some features or quotas/limits *may* be shared e.g. auto-speech to text quota will be at an account level, not per team member level.

Fair use policy applies to unlimited features. If you are using particular unlimited features excessively month in and month out, every month, we may review your account for malicious activity or place restrictions.

Please contact us as this will be case-by-case basis.

You can view it here. Please cast a vote while you’re there on features you’d like to see.

Transcription limits and export limits are noted as ‘up to’. So you can use up to the listed amount every month.

I.e. they are reset monthly.

Storage limits are fixed, but you can delete projects and files to reduce storage regularly.

You can upgrade plans. Or we may also have add-ons functionality in the future which may allow you to purchase a particular feature set or additional quotas as an add-on (TBC).