5 Ways How To Add Text To A Video

We live in an age where we can share our thoughts and insights with the world through videos.

Video content is popular because it’s a great way to communicate visually.

But sometimes, adding text or titles to your videos can help your viewers better understand what you are trying to convey.

Titles help viewers understand what they are watching and provide context for what they are about to see.

This article will explore five creative ways you can add text to your videos.

You’ll learn how to add text to a video using three different types of video editing software for desktops and two for mobiles.

If you are looking for quick and basic editing needs like adding text to your video using your phone.

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How to add text to a video using Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a video editing software that lets you add text to your video; it is available on Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

This software can handle resolutions up to 8K and edit all types of footage, whether from a professional camera or your phone.

It has a higher learning curve than other video editing tools on the market. 

Still, it is trendy among professionals and enthusiasts in the video and movie industries for cropping, splitting, trimming, cutting, and adding visual effects.

To learn how to crop video using this software, check our previous article on how to crop video in Premiere Pro.

However, adding text to a video is a piece of cake. 

It also contains advanced capabilities such as templates with designs and animation that set your video apart from the crowd.

So, here are the steps on how to add text to a video in Premiere Pro.

1. Open a project in Premiere Pro.

  • Simply double-click the software, then hit “open project” and name it.
Premiere Pro New Project

2. Create a new Sequence.

Premiere Pro New Item
  • Click New Item on your project panel’s lower right, then select Sequence.
  • Choose the correct resolution and frame rate for your Sequence based on your preference, then don’t forget to name it.
Premiere Pro New sequence

3. Use Type Tool.

  • Once your Sequence is placed, hit the Type Tool on your toolbar, then simply click on your program panel to start typing your text.
Premiere Pro Type Tool

4. For advanced text features, use essential graphics.

  • Click the Window on the main menu, choose Essential Graphics to open the panel.
  • You will notice a set of default motion graphic templates built into the software. 
  • Still, if you want more beautiful and different styles, you can easily import them from various web resources.
Premiere Pro Essential Graphics

How to add text to a video in Windows

Windows video editor is a free video editing software from Microsoft. 

It is a lightweight and intuitive video editing program that allows you to easily add text to your videos.

It has a simple interface that makes it easy for anyone to edit their videos.

The software contains all the essential tools that you will need to edit your video, such as adding text, transitions, trimming clips, and more.

Adding text with the software is the simplest of the options, although its text function is severely limited.

You can only use a limited number of fonts. 

There are only six text placeholders available, and text animations are simple and limited as well.

1. Open Windows Video Editor.

2. Start by selecting Add or New Video Project and importing your video into the software.

3. Drag your video from the project library panel to the storyboard panel to start editing.

4. Click the “Text” on the storyboard panel to open your text panel.

5. Then, you can start adding text to your video.

Read and learn more about our in-depth tutorial on “How To Add Text To Windows Video Editor.”

How to add text to a video using DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is the best free video editing application available today. 

Suppose you want more advanced capabilities and resources for your video editing tasks. 

In that case, there is also a premium one available for a $295-lifetime offer.

There is a good chance that DaVinci Resolve could be a big hit.

As you know, it has some features that are similar to those in Premiere Pro. 

This professional software is used by film companies to create blockbuster films and other high-profile projects.

The software is aimed at a more advanced audience, who will enjoy all of the features and capabilities it provides.

DaVinci Resolve has many features that make it possible to add text to videos.

You can add text in different fonts, colors, and sizes; you can also change the opacity of the text or even animate it across the screen.

So today, I will show you how to add text in DaVinci Resolve.

1. Import your media files to the project.

  • Once you run DaVinci Resolve and open or create a new project, you can now start importing your videos.
  • You can do so by selecting “File,” “Import,” then “Media,” and now you may choose from the videos on your computer’s hard drive.
DaVinci Resolve Import Media

2. Create a new timeline.

  • To begin working on a new project in DaVinci Resolve, you must first establish a new timeline.
  • You may accomplish this from the “File” menu by right-clicking on your video and selecting “Created New Timeline Using Selected Clips,” or by going to the “Edit Panel” and simply dragging the videos to the timeline to make a new one.
DaVinci Resolve New Timeline

3. Open Effects Library.

  • You may see numerous effects in the library that you can use for your video, but we’re all here for the text, right?
  • So. Select “Titles” from the “Toolbox” dropdown; you’ll find default title presets; choose your preference, then drag it to your timeline.
  • Multiple text effects can be used in a single timeline.
DaVinci Resolve Effects-Text

4. Adjust the text settings to your preference.

  • After dragging the text preset to your timeline, you may double-click it or just position the playhead to the text to change the font size, spacing, color, and other settings.
  • That’s it! These are the primary methods for adding text to a video in DaVinci Resolve.

To learn more about cropping, cutting, and trimming your videos with DaVinci Resolve. Take a look at this link.

DaVinci Resolve Text Settings

How to add text to a video using FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker

Suppose you want to make and edit high-quality videos for free. 

In that case, FilmoraGo is the best free HD video editor and maker on mobile. 

It has all of the features you need to make and edit videos.

Many people like this app because it lets them do unique projects with their own video clips and pictures in just a few seconds.

It is a great editor that is easy to use for everyone.

FilmoraGo has an excellent text-editing feature that lets you make fantastic text animations, overlays, and backgrounds that will make your video stand out.

This is how to add text to a video in FilmoraGo in just a few simple steps.

1. Open the app and click the new project.

  • Once you hit the “new project” button, the app will allow you to choose the videos on your camera roll, then it will take you to the timeline.
FilmoraGo New Project

2. At the bottom of your screen, select the “Text” menu.

FilmoraGo Text Menu

3. Now you can start customizing your text.

  • On your screen, a new set of options will display. You can choose and change the style, font, opacity, and even select from fancy templates available in the app.
FilmoraGo Text Settings

4. Tap the upper right corner of your screen to download and enjoy your video.

FilmoraGo Export

How to add text to a video using InShot

InShot is a well-known video editing tool for Android and iOS, it has a free version that is quite good, and the full version is well worth the money.

It is widely used by content makers and social media influencers because of its built-in easy-to-share feature to different media platforms.

Without a doubt, InShot is a fantastic video editor, you can edit your videos like an expert in no time, and your videos have the potential to stand out from the crowd.

Adding text to your video is straightforward; simply press the button and type whatever you require.

There are many different colors and fonts to choose from; you may easily apply animations to your text with a single swipe.

Add text to a video with InShot follow these steps.

1. Open the app, and under the “Create New” menu, select “Video.”

  • A new timeline will open when you select the videos you want to change and add text.
InShot Add Video

2, Now tap the “Text” option.

InShot Text Menu

3. Type your text on the text placeholder.

  • Aside from the text box, a new set of settings will pop up for your text.
InShot Type Text

4. Customize your text.

  • You can now make your text stand out by selecting a text style, font, color, adjusting opacity, and even animating it.
  • You can also select presets for your text for faster editing.
InShot Text Settings

5. Save and eport your video.

InShot Save and Export

We’ve shown how to add text to a video using 5 distinct software tools, regardless of the device you’re using, from desktop to mobile, and from iOS to Android.

You’ll be able to pick the best video editor for your needs in this article. 

We hope you found this post to be useful and instructive.

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